Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday Night in "Funalaska"

I'm So glad Gigi came! I like seeing her beautiful smile!
Erin our lovely she is looks good for a mommy of 3 including twins!!!! And the very photogenic DJ.
Brrrr I had a long sleeved t, a hoodie and my winter coat on!! And boots, I never dress like that!!
Anyone have a theory as to how a dead calf ended up in Humpie Cove?
Nice day for a stroll!!! NOT!!!!!!!!
He swore he wasn't cold!! Whatever....
I LOVE ceviche!!! Everyone else was excited about the spring rolls too...I just can't stand Thai food..ughhhh

I love this platter...anything with pepperonchini works for me!

I'm just going to keep saying I live in Funalaska, but happy LOL it's howling outside not sure if it's rain or wind, but it is just's Funalaska, it's Funalaska....

I still feel awful if my 3 Advils wear off. I just found some seats out of here toward the end of the month that won't take too many of my hard earned frequent flier miles, I'm going to try to get an appointment with an endocrinologist in ANC...or maybe I should look at the seats to PDX..hmmmm...

My oldest kid, is going to travel for Native Youth Olympics! He's more of a chef/xbox kind of guy..this is his 1st time traveling with a team, we're very proud of him. I NEEEED some pictures. If his g/f doesn't take them I'm sooooo crashing their practice!

The weather is so bad that there was a huge snow drift in front of the school, all sorts of people getting stuck (although we're GOOD here, everyone can work their way out of a drift LOL) I had a heads up and sort of went around it in low gear and did OK....sheeshhhh where are the city guys this morning???

I just met AK Steve and Goldfish! They're soooo nice! Good to meet you guys in person :)

Ohhh on Easter, we had been in the house too much, we went to a couple beaches. Nice weather --not!!!!!! Found a dead calf (??? Akutan? Where would that come from?) and a broken up container van too!

Char made me weigh in for the Biggest Winner challenge...I've lost just over 5 pounds! Maybe if I actually work at it I can loose 20 more!!!! HORRAY!! I'm so excited, I just knew I had gained, but I didn't...doing a happy dance....


  1. Calf: English Bay, unless that is a rope around its neck? Other possibilities, Akun and Fort Glen.

    I want to see your happy dance! Congrats.

  2. Thanks! There are several places with cattle then? I didn't get close enough to see if there was a line around its neck, I saw those empty eye sockets and didn't look any more!

    My happy dance is more of a figurative one than literal LOL dancing = scary!!

  3. lol.. I was thinking that calf could have came from our island.. we have a herd of "wild" cattle in Hot Springs Bay.. the right tide could bring one up on the shore over there!! that's funny though!

    and yeah there are about 200 head of cattle that the Akutan Corp owns on Akun island too!

  4. Hot Springs Bay? That sounds very intriguing.... There are a lot of cows on the various islands, how cool I learned something new! I knew about Ft Glenn...that's it.

  5. CONGRATS GAL on the 5 pounds. I am back on the Prednisone so the 15 I dropped looks like they will make an attempt at returning sigh. Hmm dead calf ummm I know an UFO full of Aliens... ROTFL. It looks cold up there I'll think of you we are enjoying sun and temps. in the 70's.

  6. Good job on the 5 lbs CD. I work out 5 nights a week and attempt 3.6 miles walking 6 days a week. Walking is the best way to get weight off!

  7. I agree with the alien Theory Put forward by Marg!!
    Should be coming in on the 2:30 Flight tomorrow!!

  8. Words cannot describe how jealous I am that you found the dead cow before I did - LUCKY! Nice to talk with you on Wednesday and congrats on the five pounds.