Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bunko Babes Part 2 of the Busiest Day Ever

DJ won the roll-off and got a novel about Bunko Babes and a Bunko cookbook.
HF got an adorable camcorder, she was floored!
Our hostess IS a Bunko Babe!
EE with the cute little dog that showed up. His family was all there too, they had him outside, but he wanted to be with us!!
Look at the smirk! She won 1st place!! An ipod shuffle. Good job Alena...why is it subs ALWAYS win???
DS won a watch that shows her heart rate, I want one of those!
LE looks a bit not like herself here lol, but she's showing off the webcam she won, darn subs :)
Another sub. Melinda, her daughter is Melia (I think) that makes 5 mellys in town 4 of them are families of guys on the Stimson there are 2 Freds too --random!
These guys are 'getting started'. They had a dude bbq out back by all the skiffs....
This all American snack array was yummy...but where is the Mexican food?? Maybe on TUE?? Please??
The hobo diet is still going....I have a hyeractive thyroid and she's eating and eating...odds are looking good for me!!

I had just gotten home, after 2 fast, calm lovely flights. And a whirlwind visit/shopping trip/lunch with my bff. There wasn't even too much graffiti on the plane and no parts of the plane fell off and it didn't leak, I felt like I was flying in luxury! The flight attendant did hint that people leaving DUT usually are drunk and can't put their seat belts on --whatever about that no RESIDENTS are like that!
I gave everyone their treats that I bought for them and put my stuff away, my husband was barbecuing hamburgers, what a nice guy! I got a message from Sonia's daughter, someone canceled and she needed me for bunko (she had Alena being my sub as I wasn't due home until Sunday or Monday originally) YAY! I got to play. The 'boys' were outside having their own little get-together which didn't end until WAY later...more on that next time I post :)
We had a great time, some lovely Mexican snack to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Sonia's heritage...oh wait I nagged about that, but we got a ton of good 'ol American snacks!

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  1. Looks like fun was had by all. Those are some nice prizes. The guys looked like they had that "Male BBQ Thing," go well. I am glad you had a great trip back. Do you know when you leave for Wrangell yet?