Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Done.....

Here I am listening again...I think I've gained 3 more pounds! I look HUGE geeeeezzzzzz.
Offering advice, Marcia was a "16 year old boy" The only comment was, she talks at 'his' level like him...hmmm YES, it's true I talk like a teenager, I'm a dork.

The treats I made from various ingredients I scrounged from the kitchen!
New hair today :)

A presentation on foods in Unalaska....ughhhhhhh so not prepared, but I survived!

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  1. You look good gal no you don't look fat. I read about some tribe in Africa I think they believe the larger a woman is the wiser she is. Hmmm wonder if that would work in the US LOL I like the treats you made they look yummy. The Frustrated Furry Archeologist is still gnawing his bone Thank goodness LOL.