Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Walking on a Beach is Better Than Housework or Homework, Right??

Nope, A...that beach glass is not quite 'done' yet!
Last night's treasures, not bad...
CB Scored!!!
My kid acting silly...maybe he's a bird???
CB is acclimated, it was in the low 40s and he wasn't cold!
Except for the manorexic dude....he had to get moving before he warmed up and he even had the very cool hat on!

I always MEAN to keep on top of everything the day the boat leaves, I've mentioned this before, but something happens and my house is a wreck! I was sorting my ginormous jar of sea glass with jr's g/f last night avoiding everything that I SHOULD'VE been doing...CB was bored too, so we all went for a long walk at Summer Bay, almost to Humpie Cove! I found a few new pieces and got CB in the mode too. It really makes walks more fun.


  1. Thank you CD!! I SOOOOOOOO Needed that last night. Great walk, Great Talk, Great people, AND I got some "bling" too!!
    What more could a boy ask for?

  2. That beach glass really does look pretty!! Glad you guys had such a good time! I'm definitely on for the manicure party over the weekend - what do you guys say???

  3. I can do it FRI. I'm going to Just Desserts on SAT.

  4. CD looks like you all had fun. HEE HEE love the Junior being a bird picture, he does look like a hen sitting on a nest there. You found some great treasure glad you got CB in on the hunting. I love the little shells they are great. Sent you an email. Have a great one.

  5. That is a great stretch of beach for sea glass, Goldfish collects there and usually comes home with a handful. I seem to have absolutely no talent what-so-ever when it comes to spotting it, I walk right by, totally oblivious . . . . great posts Mel, you've been a posting like crazy ! You're making us look bad!