Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not as Bad as Last Saturday!

The desserts after the concert are always delectable!
No photography was allowed during the concert, it was piano and viola, completely impressive and incredible to me that anyone can play like they do/write music/make instruments/read the music....I feel so inadequate!
Manderzz dressed up and sporting her new 'do!

Still munching some food from the open-house, she really was due for a haircut! Swim club was a bit hard on her hair.
heheh we ran into EE at the salon...this was a GOOD picture! We had some fun taking some others that will NOT be published.
Stop growing up so quickly, k?
That's a lot of blonds for this town. See CB's post on the career fair --

We had 3 parties with snacks on SAT. We had a tiny dinner of ham on homemade rolls with carrots-celery-apples and grapes!

AG doign the sale--she's got more patience than me!
Pancit, lumpia sticky rice deliciousness and yummy chicken veggie soup!

The teens who helped run and coach youth swim league...Manderzz coaches aren't there?? They're all very cool kids, THANKS GUYS!!
One of her trips to the front, she got 3 medals (I think?) hmm come to think of it, where are they?? Good job Manderzz!!

I was on the run with 'Manderzz' for almost 12 hours yesterday, much shorter than my day LAST Saturday. We started off at her Youth Swim League Award Ceremony, attended an open house for a new chiropractor (yum! lumpia, pancit and that sticky rice dessert no clue what it's called.) Briefly stopped by the comminity garage sale and one down the road. We got a couple little things, but garage sale-ing stresses me out, I don't know why exactly but it gives me a headache! I refuse to have one myself! That REALLY gives me a headache!! A trip to the beauty salon, a few other errands, a light snack for dinner, a long concert, a visit to AG to see how their hair turned out, a couple hours of TV and it was 1am before I knew it. How do we end up with all this stuff going on?


  1. Wow your Maderazz did great 3 metals. I like her nice black outfit, hee hee looks like we all got highlights this week and all blonde LOL. Looks and sounds like you had a fun Saturday. Garage sales there are always going on around here, I might stop at a few but normally I don't too much going on.

  2. Hi Mel!
    It was nice to bump into you in Kodiak! Funny coinkidink..had dinner with some friends yesterday. One of them is a pilot in the Coast Guard that I've known since I moved to Alaska (13 years ago). He asked me if I knew the Magnuson's out in Unalaska because you're his landlords!

    I can't believe Mandy. She looks beautiful as always but so grown up!!

    Love the shots in the salon with you and EE! Fun!

    Take care! Shelly

  3. Shelly...isn't that all fun what a small world and so many Unalaska families move to ADQ.

    We were cracking up at the salon!
    We're going to miss our renter...he's been the best one ever. I've never met him, but T thinks he's great. We'll be back to ADQ, the kids are jealous that I went and they didn't...see ya!