Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where is that 75 degree Weather I heard About?

I'm having a fat week...lol too many delicious meals last week? I'm so mad I thought having a HYPERACTIVE thyroid would make me loose all sorts of weight! Not even... Guys, no more rich party food, no more lunches or dinners with sweet potato fries!
My roommate this time and super-mom (9 kids and taking 15 credits this semester!)
My roommate last time in FEB..super trooper Yvonne. She has serious medical issues going on and her town was destroyed by flooding, yet she's the ONLY one with all her homework completed!
Margie tells us wonderful stories about living a subsistence lifestyle.
Sarah never lets us give up! (We try, it doesn't work!) She's the most positive, persistent and cheerful teacher I've ever met.

It was gray chilly and drizzly here yesterday...like home, I want some of that 75 degree weather we heard about a week or 2 ago!! Today is looking better, I see sun through the heavy curtains. It's light until after 11:30 and again before 5? Not sure. I love love love that! (not that I can DO anything I didn't even have the energy to walk 5 minutes to the Fred Meyer across the street to pick up a few things we need)

I have too much homework, I shouldn't be blogging! LOL it's more fun. I will try to avoid all 10 hours I'm in class today --yeah right! I have to comment on AG's post --omg so sad yet hilarious!

It's all about traditional foods, we have better ones at home . I guess more familiar is a better word. and with a smaller population we have a more plentiful supply. We didn't eat everything from last year's supply, so I shared. They love my red salmon, even though it's almost a year old (their salmon come up a VERY long river!) we don't even eat salmon from the river behind our house which is about 2 miles from the ocean!) But they like their blueberries better...maybe the copious amounts of sun in the interior help? I was wiped out, but I'm getting back into the college mode, I can't blow off my classes, so I am grateful that I'm getting back on track (except these 2 teacher, bless their hearts, seem to think I can do an 12 assignments and a final before noon on WED when they have 10 hour days planned doing other things???

We had salmon on field greens with a fancy wild rice mix including slivered almonds for lunch --see I'm not starving CB! Chili and cornbread for dinner with a fancy cookie in the afternoon as a snack. We have a different dietitian/teacher this time and she's more mellow about what is acceptable to eat than the first one --less fiber more carbs & protein for us, hooray!

the afternoon was mostly talk about re-introducing wood bison to AK. Great, I listened for an hour...after that he lost me. But I don't live in a tiny and hungry village in the interior. It's a great conversation, just no applicable to my area.

Alena's Mum needs to work with this program!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Haha .. that was a long post!! Must have taken you at least a half an hour .. maybe you could have been working on one of your 12 assignments instead?? LOL - BTW, I replied to your comment on my dog post. It was frightening but also pretty darn funny!!

  2. yeah...BUSTED. It's more fun to play...

  3. Thumbs up too playing!! work is over rated!! ya gotta love a class that requires eatting thou!!

  4. Hey CD! Ever since I started dieting, I've gained 5 pounds! LOL....

    Anyway....new DVDs: Pushing Daisies, Weeds (good one), Rome, and 30 Rock!

    Hurry home!

  5. yeah I feel your pain Lauri :( I just keep growing!
    I have watched Rome season 1& 2 2x...sighhh all about those stocky blond guys! :)
    I have one season each of Weeds and 30 Rock, still collecting, love it when you guys can save me $20!!!
    I'll be there THUR :)

  6. Just watched Weeds, Season One, this weekend...LOVED it! I'll look forward to seeing you Thursday! YAY...(Haven't seen Rome yet, never even heard of it until we got it in???)

  7. I'm avoiding work by reading your post. Yay for slacking! It sounds like you've been busy. Also, I'm jealous of your food right now...as I eat my cold yogurt and hard granola bar...and not salmon and fabulous Alaskan blueberries. :P Good luck on getting all the assignments finished..or watch more Rome...which is what I'd rather be doing!

  8. Sounds like you're having fun! I don't even want to discuss weight loss . . . . . :O(

  9. CD your classes sound like tons of fun. Yummy Salmon and blueberries. I hope you get your assignments done gal and get some rest.