Monday, May 11, 2009

Report from Day 1 Morning Class!

Our classroom early this morning before anyone else arrived.

Ahhhh that's sweet!
Two types of dried seaweed and dried herring eggs on seaweed too --not my favorites.
Fruit and healthy muffins for breakfast, we had egg salad with lots of veggies too.
Red salmon, halibut, canned silver salmon, blueberries and salmonberries that I brought from home.
OMG I tried dried herring eggs and 2 other dried seaweeds! (taste like walking on the beach...not good) I tried a small cup of birch sap, drained from actual birch trees yesterday --not bad at all! Being indigenous...getting back in the mode!! We already enjoyed some of my salmonberries, blueberries and red salmon from the Bering Sea too. (they think salmon from the rivers around here are good --NOT! IMO)


  1. Captions! Captions! What is that stuff in the 3rd picture??? Wierdness.

  2. I knew I should have baked you a chocolate cake to take!! Or at least some Muffins!!!

  3. Cd you lucky dog that salmon looks fantastic how funny ids this we had salmon for dinner LOL hmm we must be on the same wave length this week.I think I'll pass on the dried seaweed and herring eggs. Everything else looks yummy. Well kid is about finished rearranging all her stuff. I have decided the thing she calls her dog is really a frustrated archeologist in disguise. He has several excavations going on, including the unearthing of the garage's foundation, I see a load of dirt and gravel arriving soon to fill up his excavations. LOL

  4. ohh you're funny Margarita..glad there are no pets in my world, I have no patience for bad habits like digging!
    I brought the salmon from home and it was good. Maybe a touch dry from being baked, but that's OK I guess. It's last year's more will be caught in a week or 2 (I hope!!)