Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unalaska Friends in Anchorage

This is Gwen..she was a toddler-sized stray sock. LOVE the belly button and you can't see it well, but she has great lips! Juno is having fun!
JP and Manderzz found a Guitar Hero game. Our island-dwelling kids get so excited over things that others maybe don't see.
JP had 2 meals--- incredible!! That kid is TINY.
Manderzz: "We are NOT tourists!" Me: "Sure we are!!"
Ahhhh quiet and lovely after a heinous 40 minutes of Wal-Mart torture!
Toooo good for McDonald's food. He IS my twin!!

My 1st morning chore was to finally have my appointment with the endocrinologist. I have basically no thyroid power at all right now...How the heck am I running all day and only taking an afternoon nap? LOL everyone that knows me knows I love to "rest my eyes" every afternoon anyway!!

I shouldn't take anything for my thyroid so it has an opportunity to heal itself...and check in with her mid-July when we pass through again. I think my super-round face is from the HYPO-thyroidism too. Hopefully will be all normal by fall.
The kids were STARVING...Jr & I grabbed McD's breakfast for the 2 younger kids and fancier breakfast sandwiches for us. Jr. wasn't thrilled to even step foot in a fast food restaurant..heheh where does his attitude come from?
The kids didn't even like their sandwiches. Our fancy ones were delicious. They all get yogurt today!

I had an appt at my dermatologist too. Have to keep up on face stuff :) After all of that morning running around Hethykins and I ditched the kids who weren't ready to leave the house yet. Really my friend and I just needed some peace and quiet! We wandered a lovely strip mall that was attached to REI; every store was calm, lovely and smelled good I liked it! Got a gift for my sister's BEAUTIFUL baby who was 1 yesterday at a free-trade store, bought some books at a ginormous non-chain (local) used bookstore which has new ones too and is very funky, fun and COMFIE!

Ohhhh....we HAD to go to Wal-Mart needed a few things like Bounce in unique scents LOL, we have a very specific shopping needs when off the island! It was full and crowded and awful. My head was spinning! And I only bought $79 worth of crap.
HATE THAT PLACE. I needed calm so.....
We had a late lunch at the best resturant ever...very healthy and delicious! Taking Jr there this am. (or maybe not? He's still sleeping. Pretty much trying to avoid the day I think) He wants hiking shoes from REI and swears he'll hike (yeah right) sooo CB jr is promising to hike on those rocks to "Jefferson Beach"

We met up with JP and his Mum TP for dinner and a fun to see them here! We were teasing TP, I said a name from home in my teasing --oops 2 of Lauri's friends were sitting right there waiting to take their kiddo to a 3-D movie they heard me... CRACK ME UP...busted (not that they cared one bit) But no gossiping even over 800 miles from home!! that's what I get.
The only movie we could see at the time we showed up was Night at the Smithsonian I REALLY wanted to see Star Trek, maybe tonight?

Sooo Irving, the black dress-sock dude is NOT mine, she made that one for jr. (whatever!!) BUT she made a cute tiny one for me "Gwen" She's having fun!!

The funeral is today..


  1. Sounds like you are having fun but I don't envy you going to the funeral--that will be SO hard. So sad. Tell TP hello for me.

  2. You guys all look so cute and like you're having a fun time! I miss you all already!! Can't believe I still have to get through 6 more weeks! Hung out with yer man last nite for a bit though. haha Got home from my softball game and Ray wasn't there, figured I'd swing by your house and see if he was there ... sure NUFF!! Even had Sugar over there in your house, and Troy was trying to sell me a whole row of your scrapbooking paper. No .. really ... I didn't offer him 200 bucks to give me the whole middle row .. he just started saying, take it all take it all, totally unprovoked!!! Wierd. LOL Miss you!!! I don't even have anything remotely blog-worthy to blog about without you!! But, still trying to keep busy, garage sale today at Sr. Center and one more softball game today at 5:30. :-p Oh, and one last thing I have to tell you ... your sock obsession? it's getting .. well .. obsessive. We may have to have an intervention when you get home! LOL

  3. OMG!! JR is wearing the same outfit he flew out on!! YUCK!! Manderzz looks Fabulous as Always!! Watch for Dills and those Nachos since sometimes the cheap ones they serve in Restaurants have wheat flour mixed in. You look all "Ladies Who Lunch" in that photo. Let JP eat!! The Boy is almost anorexic!! And Finally I totally approve of the name Gwen for the new Sock-ette. She needs to practice though with Tosh, Owen and Reese before she attempts to do Jack!!

  4. I know I know....BUT I'm in trouble with Juno for Jr being on vacation sooo long. She's cutting me off from new cute little animals.

    Rhys should be a chubby happy one :) Tosh should have "tosh" eyes...Owen will be thin...CJ ohh my goodness how does one replicate Captn Jack??

    Jr is gross sometimes what can I say?? He's a boy!
    AG --whatever!! We like the little animals hehehe.... Don't let him sell off my stuff!!! I'll sell that damn marlin and some of the 14 fishing poles crowding my world!

  5. hey when you went to the strip mall was that the one with Fly Paper in it that is a FESTIVE little store and the toy store next door rocks too !! Keeping up on face stuff LORDY girl your gonna be 80 and still doing face stuff LOL!!

  6. no, but I'm gonna look that store up! Love festiveness!! I'm also going to try to get to Modern Dwellers Chocolate 'til 10p tonight! All choclate...we might neeeed that!

  7. I think with what you have to today your gonna need more then chocolate!! Maybe a chocolate martini or 5!!! just makes me sad!

  8. CD I love your sock critters. Maybe Juno will lift her ban on any more sock critters for you soon. I am still on a book ban sigh. Gee 4 stacks about 3 feet tall is such a little thing. Okay I do so hate to pass up books at yard sales they look so lonely... LOL
    Ahh chocolate a major component of all the food groups. Enjoy your chocolate.
    Yuck Wal-mart or Wally-world as we call it I hate having to go the one here likes to rearrange the store every 3-4 months. I so end up frustrated before I even find the item. Glad you found a nice quiet place to recover from the horrors of that place. I enjoyed some good Mexican grilled tacos last night thought of you. They had tons of grilled veggies to go with them they were great. Have fun and if Troy sells your scrap-booking stuff he gets none of the goodies I sent to Wrangell for ya'll. LOL