Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Have Pretty Nails & a New Show to Watch!

Someone always plays the piano, I think that is so cool, I can't play ANYTHING!
It took a very large Cookie Monster to make this quilt.

We Had some nibblies and a couple lemon-drop martinis (very sweet -ughh) last night and learned how to get gorgeous nails without polish (I must buy the kit!) I had to know who the heck the guy is that CB uses as an avatar, he brought two seasons of Torchwood
(I still can't make the link thing work ughh!) I now understand and have a new show, I admit to sleeping through most of the 2nd was after 11, I tried!! But I've re-watched it and I'm on #3 now! Time to get ready and start running around town...sigghhhhhh...glad I don't live in a big city, I'd really have too much to do!
And...geeez people. I skip one fish fry fund raiser and I'm a pariah LOL...I'm going to Just Desserts tonight.... how 'bout y'all?


  1. Who cares about the show when you have pretty new nails to show off.

  2. yeah... true!! But the show IS good and the guy IS cute!

  3. Love the cookie monster blue blanket. I have a big pink one I have used it so much it has little puff balls on it from the repeat washings, but it is so soft. LOL sounds like you had a fun nail party. I got mine done at the spa this week I have bright purple toe and fingernails to go with the gold and light blond highlights. Next week I am trying a sea weed wrap. I'll let you know how it does. Have a good weekend enjoy Mother's Day

  4. Ohhh I want to go to a spa! I've gotten pedicures 2x (thanks sis and AKGlitterQueen!) that's it. How nice that you're about to do that!

  5. ya, totally forgot to rim his glass. Sober, not so funny, but with a few lemon drops in us we thought that was HILARIOUS!

  6. Guess who also has purple nails today?!?! I couldn't get the idea out of my head after reading Margrita's comment - I just LOVE purple! So I thought I'd give myself purple nails for Mother's Day! woot woot!