Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Pt. 1 (another trip coming later today)

ahhhhhh, so cute!! I LOVE homemade cards.

Most of the family anyway.....Here's another family member who was hard at is at sea, but left a nice card for me and called 1st thing this am.

Jeff made my omelet, and I never eat giant hunks of meat....but still proud of him, it was so hot in the room where the food was today, OMG I'd have passed out!

We got a visit from CB while we were enjoying brunch.

My perfect desserts, it was so hard to choose, but I love creme brulee, truffles and cream puffs. hmmm how silly, really my kid makes all 3 of these at home, I should've chosen some NEW treats!! Oh there is a strawberry cheesecake smoothie....I admit that was my 2nd serving, soooooo yummy!!! I heard there was 'cheesecake on a stick' I thought that sounded cute --like kabobs maybe? Oh my, it was deep fried. Probably delicious, but I couldn't go there!
Dills' first serving of dessert --
And his second serving....ohh to be 13 with a 6 pack...
A bit blurry....but the hugest shrimp I've ever had!!! YUMMMMMM Sorry I teased y'all about the lack of ceviche! All in good fun...I had plenty of shrimp and smoked salmon & halibut!!

The lime green ones are on the way Happy Mother's Day to me! It was a hard choice, I want them all.
These are coming too. Fun & summery!

Mother's Day is like all minor holidays, I have learned to 'deal 'wif it' My husband's boat is usually gone (poor guy misses Father's Day and his birthday too, so I can't complain tooo much. Jr made me a candle in art class, Manderzz made me a giant 2-sided card & I think the other one forgot, but that's OK.


  1. CD looks like you got a great Mother's Day. Kid got me a card and some candles. Love the new hairstyles looks very nice. Brunch looked great i love those large shrimp, could just be happy with a big plate of them LOL

  2. GOOD LUCK CD!!!
    (She is off to Fairbanks for a few days everyone, just saw her off at the airport!)

  3. Thanks CB we know she will have a good trip if you saw her off.