Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anyone Hungry for Muktuk?

For the big party tomorrow...
Check out those hands...will the smell ever come out? Yes, after baking soda and lots of soap, but it's on her sleeves!!
YUM YUM YUM YUM YUMMMMMMMY (what else is there to say??) I know everyone is jealous!

GUESS What we're having tomorrow??? Muktuk (whale blubber!!) CB you want me to bring some home??! AG/Alena I'm bringing a baggie to each of you!!


  1. Just say no to Muktuk...Steve tried it and was not raving about it. Good luck with that tomorrow! It looks like you are having fun anyway, see you Thursday morning.

  2. What? I already have a big baggie for you guys!! I'm still off sushi, I better avoid the muktuk.
    I'm willing to bring home leftovers...anyone from home???
    I bet Alexander (CB's not AG's!!!) would eat it. (I'm totally NOT going to pack it..yuk)

  3. Oh my ... that's all I'm going to say. Except for this: DON'T BRING ME ANY MUKTUK. You remember what I did to that Spring Crepe thingy or whatever!!! LOL

  4. CD I'll pass on the Muktuk it looks well "Just say no." LOL The furry frustrated archeologist disguised as kid's dog has discovered and unearthed the side of the old septic tank, 5 feet of the buried outside water pipe, the concrete encased treated lumber pilings of the old play set/fort (2 of the 6 have been excavated.),and is presently working on excavating a 70 year old tree. Sigh wonder if I can rent him out do dig wells. I bought him some flavored bones hoping that would change his interest for a bit, yep that lasted for about an hour then the excavations began again. Hee Hee I got a truck load of gravel coming Friday to fill up his excavations then cover with dirt. That should keep him busy.

  5. YEAH.........UMMMMMMM........NO
    While I respect the traditions and admire the whale hunters for their feats I just totally can not eat Shamou or Willie.
    MISS YOU!!!

  6. CD - I am totally not having any of that when I come up to visit. It is all Alexander's!

  7. Bring me the muktuk. That looks like it was processed correctly and will have a nice sweet taste. I hope you get this before you leave, and before everyone eats all the muktuk.

  8. Cool!! I've got a cute cooler and a bunch of ice packs! It's a deal :)