Saturday, May 02, 2009

Heading to ANC then Home..

Last stop was a hike on Near Island, sunny and almost warm...
It's a bit bigger than home, but has a bridge too.

BRRRRR it was 36 on Pillar mountain. There is a new road that my mother in law wanted me to see.

I wonder if the snow will even melt this year???

I am heading to ANC for a few hours, must get that recital dress and maybe fill my cute little cooler with some Costco food...I don't know, maybe not. I don't like junk food, so what is left?? We're going to eat some Mexican food or if it's not too full Moose's Tooth pizza. No Burger King LOL...too funny!!!
I'll be home for a day before work and husband taking off for awhile.

I have a nodule in my thyroid, maybe it'll go away before my follow up...don't care for biopsies! Never had one, but they do not sound fun!!

I've been spoiled, we went out and had salads last night, then drove all over walking on beaches and just enjoying seeing things. The last 2 times I've been here it's not been sunny and time I'm coming in August!


  1. NOt Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken for their new "Grilled" Chicken!!

  2. Yeah the new grilled chicken is supposed to be good. Have a safe trip home!!

  3. Glad they know what's going on with you and hopefully it will clear up before a biopsy has to be done. Safe travels and hope all's well.

  4. So What time are you getting in on Sunday?

  5. so glad they found out what is wrong. I hope they can get it cleared up so you don't have to do a biopsy. I love the pictures but it looks cold (shiver)have fun in ANC.