Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Disco Fever in Unalaska

The Angels with the ever-faithful 'Bosley' watching over.

This group dances on SAT night, Galena the adorable one in front teaches them different dances, I didn't know we had a dance class! I am the worst, no memory, no rhythm, hopeless, I admire those that CAN dance!

The town literally saw a side of ZS that the we hadn't before! :)
AG & CB "Stayin' Alive!"

Alena and Larz both won in the dance contest! YAY!! Pizza for us Monday @ work!!
We are the silliest!!
Was this "YMCA" or "It's Raining Men"? AG and CB are having a ball..but look at our prize winning 'Bossy' too!

Stayin' Alive!

Yesterday was incredibly hectic. I missed 2 events in the afternoon, I had to sleep. But I was still tired @ 12:30 after the dance. It was a lot of fun (the prom was held elsewhere, different dance entirely more on that later!) Bossy won a pizza for her dancing, I got a pair of headphones, CD got a t-shirt..I think AG got a random gift too?? She won an action for a lovely VHS radio, I KNOW she will use it often!!
I need to go back to sleep...up to make sure the kid goes to work!


  1. Looks like a blast, sorry we had to miss it!! I really want to take the dance class. I have been hearing about it forever. Sounds like a lot of fun but I am very uncoordinated!

  2. are you guys going to the camp Q fundraiser spaghetti dinner 4-7 at the big school?

  3. I freaken LOVE IT!!! Ya for CB's Angels!! Love seeing Galena!! she used to be our neighbor such a nice lady!

  4. Hadn't heard about it--been out of the loop for too long! Maybe will will make it...I have book club at 7 so we will see.

  5. CD that is too funny love the "Angels." You have the Farah thing going and right now I have the Shelly Hack thing too funny. Love the disco dance great that you have a dance class every Sat. We have every Sat. Old English dances. They teach different ones some are the early ballroom others are reels etc. I have attended a few it is fun to try, I have two left feet LOL.

  6. Love the "angels" and especially "Bosley" - looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing and the video too!

  7. LMAO. You guys are great!

  8. busts' move CB and CD
    your Colorado fan

  9. OH MY GOSH!!!!! So fun!!! You guys are just awesome. That looks to be such a great party! :D