Monday, May 04, 2009

Let's all be Happy and Walk on Sunny Beaches!

My Humpie Cove treasures, a nice haul for a short walk!

Me at Humpie Cove walk #2

This beach glass is actually from Mission Beach in Kodiak, I wanted to relax after being VERY throughly examined last annoying! Picking up beach glass is relaxing.
Humpie Cove far away from any remains of the dead calf!
Husband at Humpie Cove
Little South America --walk #1
Sonia & Meli --LSA....My daughter was there too. Probably hiding from the bee that was stalking us -- I think it was the blood orange scents spray I had on! Ooops!

These walks were the only times I left my house on Sunday, I was up bright and early, no headache for me! I cleaned and tried to catch up on emails...haven't done that yet...but I took 2 nice walks!


  1. I LOVE your beach glass picture! I can't imagine finding all that. The only glass on the beaches I frequent are empty beer bottles. :( I've got a small collection though. Very cool! Glad your weather looks so perfect! (We had roughly 7 tornadoes yesterday. One about 1/2 mile from my office.)

  2. Yes .. the beach glass pic is GORGEOUS!! I miss tornadoes!! Growing up in the Midwest (Illinois), I miss tornado warnings (I know that sounds sooo odd to say) and thunder and lightning!!

  3. Gal I love your beach glass and seashells. I need to start hunting for some more to add to my collection. I love to find interesting beach glass and rocks. There are some gem and rock stores around here. I like to go and dig through there sale bins.... .10 up to 1.00. Great pictures love them you look good gal. Take care.

  4. I love the glass picture too...very beautiful!

  5. I am addicted to collecting beach glass and shells...and rocks. I guess I am just addicted to the beach. Glad to know I am not the only one out there!

  6. Me too! They stack up...but I keep collecting. I have probably 20 pounds of glass! (most from ADQ & WRG) they have some beaches just loaded with sit down and sift!) Found 16 more at Summer Bay tonight though

  7. Man i miss picking beach glass we have it here but its a rare find . I have a bottle full from dutch sitting on the edge of my tub. ya iam a dork but it goes well with the mermaids ;op! Love that pic of you sitting down you look relaxed and happy!

  8. Love the beach glass photos, too! How nice to get out and have a relaxing time after all of your ordeals.