Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow..I Really Need to Stop Resting So Much!

Sam for King!!
Still...texting ughhhhh!
This bench is awesome! There are a couple of Jr.'s co-workers that would look so cute sitting on it!
Sam, HOPEFULLY the king for this year!
Dills helping at the food booth. (sorry all, but the hair salon choices are limited here, we're 'dealing 'wif the 'do' until we get home!
OMG he never stops texting, I want to throw that phone out the window...
Manderzz is very competitive! I am over that..I loose, ohh well.

I think I'm fully rested, I'm getting restless now! My activities yesterday included wandering through a couple small stores, buying greeting cards and some fruit (stop the madness, I know) and a run with Sam the 4th of July King contestant to get more tickets...and sitting for an hour in the coffee shop to do my blog post (no faster there then back here in the apartment, so why bother?) We did play Tripoly which is fun and we continue it every year, saving our pennies in bags until we come back to continue the game. Today I must go to the gym, send a bunch of mail out AND get back to my homework!!!!! Must stop being soooo relaxed. My body is sore from so much resting.


  1. CD hopefully my boxes will arrive if they haven't already and they contain something to keep you busy HEE HEE. Well the kid is having a major crisis the power company didn't rush right out the first thing this am to turn the power on gee kid has to wait just like the rest of us regular people. Sorry CD tossing the cell phone out the window doesn't stop the texting they just go retrieve it, text and have a drama llama moment of "MOM I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT HOW COULD YOU!!!" Gee it is hard to imagine what they did before cell phones. LOL Sounds like you are having some fun doing a bit of shopping, blogging and ticket getting. I hope Sam wins. Have fun at the gym and don't forget to at least consider doing your homework before you shove the book and all under the bed LOL.

  2. Go Sam Go!! Dills, Dont listen to her, you look cool, and the Wrangell Girls agree. Manderzz glad to see you feel better. JR, stop texting during cards! (Sorry, My bad) And CD!! Why no pics of you?

  3. Pull the SIM card out, soak it in water, dry it and put it back in. When they complain that they're phone is not working, just say "I don't know why it's not working - sorry kiddo!" Bwahahaha!!! Or, alternatively just hide it until the end of the trip! They'll look all over for it and never find it!! Then right before you leave, reach into a sofa cushion or something and be like "Hey, here it is!!"

  4. I like that bench it would look cool on my porch.

  5. I felt the same way on my vacation CD. I almost felt guilty for resting so much...lol! I went a whole week without my cell phone and lived to tell about it.

  6. Vacations are to reopen your eyes CD...glad you are with your loved ones.

    The bench is just so unique.

    Thanks for posting