Saturday, June 06, 2009

Last Day in Anacortes :(

OK, he didn't really want to eat a doughnut, but we had 2 plus a free one that nobody would eat --we're all too weird about junk food these days! So we were trying.
I use some lotions that I buy on the internet fun stuff. We went to their house to get an order and they were having a garage sale. Got a few clearance lotions for $2 so that is cool. This in the eBay "area" that my step-mom is working her way through. Intense!

My dad's work trailer.
A guy stopped by with some cutting that was portable. We got to see Grandpa working. He's cool, just don't tell my mom in Wrangell. She'll be annoyed for a day or two!
The parents like to hit garage sales. The 1st was 7am FRI. These two insisted on coming...we spent a whole $1.25 that morning.
We've probably worn these mellow grandparents out with all the cups that get used, all the showers, all the's time to go see Captn. T's sis --the mother of the 2 adorable girls who are in the pic with my kids on my header. They're 15 &17, plus they have a step-brother who is 15? We're going to a BBQ at my sister-in-law's in-law's (that sounds so weird) then all 6 cousins get to hang out! It'll be a late night of gaming and laughing (for some!) It's overcast, but we're headed to downtown SEA to play tourist!
Ohhh we did see the worst movie EVER!!! OMG didn't I saw I avoid Will Ferrell movies? WHAT WAS I THINKING?? WHY DIDN'T I do RESEARCH!!!???


  1. Ok having a little giggle over the annoyed mom statement. ;op did you go see land of the lost by chance??? I wanted to see it i LOVED that show when i was a kid. ~~ the garage salers looked pooped! I will be playing tourist myself in sea on the 24th cant WAIT I freaking LOVE seatlle!! there is a french bakery/coffee/resturant right across from pikes main enterence you MUST get coffee and a pastery of some kind. Oh and Roses chocolate is but a block away. Man i wanna be there now SAD FACE !!! Have much fun!!

  2. It's Dunkin' Donuts all the way for me, but how fun that the kids got to have Krispy Kremes! And I'm totally jealous of your garage-sale-ing!! Have fun at your in-laws in-laws BBQ! LOL OMG I LOVE Will Ferrell! I'm hoping that your dislike of him skewed your opinion of the movie - cuz I really wanna see it and hope it's good!!

  3. Man it looks like a pretty day! I'm glad to see I wasn't the only participant in National Donut Day...Krispy Kreams hot of the good! :)

    Will Ferrel, he can be so funny and then so not...I still haven't seen the movie he filmed here. He was funny on man vs. wild the other night.

  4. CD was it the Land of the Lost? I have heard several people who grew up with the original say they didn't like the movie. They have said the movie looked campy I haven't seen it yet so I can't say. I think some of these remakes of old movies and TV shows just don't do the originals justice.
    OOOO Krispy Kremes I get a dozen for our churches coffee hour once a moth. I like the fresh warm glazed ones hee hee Glad you found some deals garage sales are fun. how neat to be able to see your dad at work that is cool. The weather looks great we are humid here with more rain. The grass will need cutting again if the rain keeps up. I sort of have a deal with our local seafood department at our local store. The ladies who manage it love homemade bread. I make them a few loaves a month and they will order me a case of whatever seafood I want. They order on Wednesday it arrives by Friday. Hee hee I am so bad but they know how much we love good fresh seafood. Have fun at the BBQ

  5. There were 6 of us we ate at many different places this morning. What a's AT LEAST 2 posts and not ending yet. The 5 teens + Manderzz are going to not sleep so they can be together for as long as possible...yeah right after a 15 hour day of running that's gonna happen!

  6. Yes! It was Land of the Lost! Looking back, there are a couple funny scenes. And the weird creatures have been explained (I really don't remember the original show, didn't get the 'campiness' we were all just wondering WHY? Eveything looks so fake!!

    R- can't you just hear/see my mother being annoyed? LOL