Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Malls are Boring, Pools Are Much Better

Manderzz back in the pool for a late-night swim!
The wheat free cake.
My cousin is a chef, she's got tons of fun stuff to play with!
Jr. is still smiling, even though he's been ganged up on.
DG and Dills hammering Jr.
By day a professor, by night a 14 year old, how fun is that? Poor IG our 15 year old cousin was sound asleep, just not feeling well at all.

The girls were loving the mall a lot more then the rest of us!
Poor kid was really out.
Really CB... This place is awfully fancy for simple folk from the Aleutians!
What's a trip to the mall without a treat?? I had a jalapeno pretzel that was very tasty! No Cinnabuns CB those are way too intense.
Here's a new shot -- boys playing Halo 3 like zombies!
Manderzz got the cake made while KG was in school, I'm so glad we get as early as we do! Some of these school have to go until almost the end of June, no fun at all!

We relaxed most of the day, I even re-read a chapter in my Health Information Law textbook...but then Miss Mandeezz who had $250 of her own money to spend really wanted to go to the mall, we did, it was boring! It's so much easier to just shop online! The salesperson at Justice (was Limited Too before?) was friendly, the rest not so much. And CB's suggestions were sweet, but really, $1100 for a jacket?! I got my group of 3 teens and 2 tweens out of that store QUICKLY!
The evening was swimming & more swimming with hamburgers on bagels (so much better than buns BTW) and a very good wheat-free cake for dessert. It's not really Dyl's b-day, but the girls wanted to decorate it for something!
Jr drove 2 different Lexuses...how scary is that? One is a SUV and still smells new --eeek! Both vehicles survived (thank goodness!!)
We've had a great visit and I'm sure we'll be back. The kids have a lot of fun with this set of cousins! Horses at the first set,a pool here, all fun things that they don't have at home!
We're going to go check out the University of Washington this morning, that got posponed as one of the cousins was sick with a sinus infection and needed to go to the doctor yesterday. Then off to meet my sister at the Great Wolf Lodge!


  1. ice cream in the malls, Lexus cars,and the boy still need their Halo!!
    I am a teacher ( as I say all the time sorry) and wish we had a magic Halo game for fractions, reading comprehension and expository prompts!!

    Enjoy the time


  2. Wow $1100 for a jacket OMG I would be running from that store quickly. I grumbled at paying 45.00 for a jacket.I like online better deals, better prices, not crowded and no malls. Hee Hee JR is getting to develop a vast list of vehicles he drives. I have family who drives Lexus cars and SUV they swear by them. I like my Cadillac and Taurus. Have a great time at Great Wolf Lodge.