Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SOMEONE Had to Sit in 1st Class and it Wasn't Going to Be Jr!

Look at those burgers...and a confession: my dad dresses like a Deadliest Catch guy LOL...but he's slim and handsome and pulls it off :) I THINK...
Jr looks just like my dad, I'll get a better picture another day.
My kiddos are NOT used to being on the road more than 5 minutes at a time.
That mop is Jr. Sleeping.
Manderzz literally asked 10x "How much longer? Are we almost there?" It was like a movie.

Hethykins noticed that my kids "like their electronics" hmmm ya think? Dills had his DS and his laptop going. Jr was texting and online too. I'm thinking an intervention is very very close!

Since Jr. coming on this portion of the trip was a last-minute decision I used my Continental miles that I earn when we use our debit cards to get him from ANC/SEA/ANC on Alaska Airlines. I do appreciate that option, glad we can at least use the miles on a carrier that has a convenient schedule out of ANC . His tkt was messed up, I knew it would be. I'd already talked to them...anyway it's a long story. We got to the airport really early just in case it was a hassle, it was. But after 30 minutes we had it straightened out. The seat I had re-booked for him the night before was a first class one! I hadn't even noticed! The return flight is a different one than the other kids and I take, so I have to let him have the 1st class seat (grrr), but I took it on the outbound! nice :)
After a long day to get from Hethykins' house to SEA we had a couple-hour drive to Anacortes. Not a real fun day.
CB -ONLY 16 rooms with 3 garages hehe. I walked with Manderzz last night and then again with my step-mom it was wonderful outside.
OMG I have to say this..all 5 of my pics uploaded before I could even get a bite of my toast --Geez! Absolutely AMAZING!! I need to download my books and a couple more TV shows :) Just 'cause I can!


  1. How about this Anacortes weather CD...we just happen to be here for a few days also

    Take your kids out to Washington Park and walk/drive the Lopp Road for waterfront pictures, CB will like that

    Then drive up on Cap Santa for the great view around western Washington, and pictures of coarse

    Lastly, Mount Erie...!

  2. WOW! Thanks for the hints, I had no clue where to take them, we usually go to garage sales and a tiny little bakery that has HUGE doughnuts :)and that restaurant downtown...Girdadeli? totally need to get beyond eating LOL.. Yeah what IS that brightness and heat?? It hurts my eyes --in a good way!

  3. I love the picture you posted of the three of them. Remember when they were sweet and wonderful?

    As far as the electronics, if you take them away, there will probably be a mutiny, you know they will stick together. LOL

    Have fun in WA! Miss ya, Hedder

  4. Enjoy reading about your trip. Believe me the kids will remember this and look back on it! Hope you're having good weather in WA. We're off on Friday to Seattle, cruising AK and then in Seattle for about 4 days. I'm hoping to meet up with Lauri! I do have to tell you though that I think you're an "blogaholic" - LOL!

  5. Oh and love the new banner pic! The kids are so adorable!

  6. Hey, The kids have to have some way to stay in contact with their friends back in Unalaska since you are draging them on this 7 week Death March!! LOL

  7. 7 week death march??? What does that mean?? It's almost 80 here with barely a breeze...you're just jealous!!

  8. CD....its Gere-a-Deli and yes its very good eats

    Additional good ones, downtown is Island Cafe and Calico Cupboard

    Free wifi...Penguin Coffee & The Donut House...!

    Take 'em to the Deceptionn Pass State Park, great beach and they can get their feet wet, and there is a little lake there for swimming

  9. haha I saw how bad my guess at spelling was when we ate there today (yum!) Hit Calico Cupboard for a loaf of some very hearty-looking bread too. I think we usually go to the ones in the other 2 little towns nearby? I didn't recognize it.
    Swimming sounds good! The kids are so hot! The grandparents are working outside and they're helping..I'm hiding in a huge and quiet house enjoying a little breeze...a little warm breeze that smells sweet. So not a brisk Unalaska wind that smells like the tide or fish or whatever..
    I've got a list of places to hit, I can't wait...

  10. Yes CD...Calico Cupboard has 2 other locations, LaConner and over in south Mount Vernon

    Just outside town, on the same road that takes ya to Mt Erie lookout, you come to Heart Lake, popular swimming place also

    Walk-on the Guemes ferry, on the Anacortes waterfront, for a 5-minute ride over to the other side, the deli there at Anderson's General Store is very good....island life kinda like at home

  11. CD sounds like you are having a great time. First class is the only way to fly LOL. The seats are more comfortable. An intervention doesn't work you take cell phone they use blackberry LOL. My kid has some many electronics it looks like an electronic warehouse. She is always texting, iming, emailing, etc. Sheesh. Your dad looks quite handsome he pulls of the DC look well. Glad your classes are doing well. Hee Hee you can do to Manderzz what I used to do, "if you don't stop asking me I am gonna turn around and start this trip over." ROTFL
    Your Wrangell child sweat shop boxes should arrive in Wrangell about the time you do.Good luck with your classes.

  12. so much to do...if I could only get the grandparents to go places and do things...still doing their own stuff! I have no car, getting homework done at least. Pretty bored actually, A trip to Food Pavillion and a walk to the Catholic church down the road b4 DC is all I got in this evening!! LAME!!

  13. hey AKDAVE, I NEEEED an ice cream cake on the 4th of June. My parents can't think of anywhere to get one except DQ in Mt. Vernon(that's not gonna work in this heat)...any thoughts? (b-day kid allergic to wheat)

  14. if you put a ban on electronics it be YOU who would suffer the most. I did that once all most lost my mind!!! ;op

  15. CD....I think your folks would be correct that DQ would be the place. Its just a 20 minute drive over there and in addition your kids might enjoy a walk through the Cascade Mall

    There is, on Commercial Ave in Anacortes, a large ice cream shop, might check with them

  16. Or....gimmie a call.

    I'm running some errands in Mt Vernon this morning, maybe I could pick it up for you if ya call over there and tell him what ya need, then I'll be back in Anacortes launching a large pleasure boat at 2pm


  17. omg that is so sweet! BUT it's going to be over 80, that's what we're worried about. I think we've got it figured out --we're going to run late-ish tonight. Have a great day out there! My hubby is home on his big skiff at home today brrrrrrr..... his choice!

  18. OMG AKDave...do you live on POW Island? I totally want to go there. But no fast ferry anymore?? Any hints? I want to take a side trip from WRG. We're going to see relatives in PSG, but need another side trip. Had the best smoked salmon, like jerky really from a neat gal from POW (annette?) and I thought I'd check it out...