Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Day in Wrangell

All the brats went swimming!
The lifeguards were young and not too strict, the kids were able to have some fun!
The museum had more petroglyphs.

Wyatt Earp was the fill-in sheriff for 10 days once, very fun trivia.

The teens from the Aleutians have NO idea which wood was which at the guess the wood game....they just stared at it! Wood?? Trees??
The guess the furs was a bit better, Juno knew that the otters were "some sort of water mammal" And We guessed the wolf too. My cousin does have a wolf carpet? carcass? eww...a big scary, not-too-pretty wolf at her house, so that one was familiar --from years past!!
Jr had to make a rubbing for his grandma.
The practice petroglyph.

This town is weird, the sun rises at 4am...birds sing. One sounded like Jr's text message notification...omg as I type this I realize it probably WAS his phone LMAO...I'm glad I woke him up at 12pm. He's swearing it was a bird....then that gave him the idea to send a few texts... I want my own room at home and not a bunch of bunks! The other stupid bird sounded like bleehh bleeh.... I like the birds at home, I'm used to their noises.
I mailed my husband's birthday pkg, just a couple days late, opps it's a tradition for me to be late. The post office here is the oldest and more ornate I've ever seen! We hit the museum, got a couple more totes and a few little things at a sort of general store that has the most random stuff. We went to the gym/pool AND a long walk on the new beach finding beach glass ! That's a lot for a day in Wrangell.


  1. I like the museum I could spend some time there. Guess the wood game the kiddos do have a puzzle look on their faces cute. Hmm the birds here start at 4:25 am of course the stupid frustrated furry thing of the kid's starts howling at 2:15 am every night. He better leave by this weekend or there may be an incident involving mass quantities of Ex-Lax and his food bowl. I have had a migraine for 3 days now because of him. Sounds like you all are having fun, swimming, the store, the museum, the quest for beach glass a great day. If the kids get bored they can crack pecans for you. LOL.

  2. Glad you've had fun but it sounds like you are definitely ready to go home! Safe travels and I will see you in a couple more weeks.