Saturday, June 13, 2009


Heder and Lucky :) Even on her vacation Heder dresses beautifully, what a babe!
Manderzz enjoying the trampoline all by herself. She and Marina jumped for hours, I was exhausted and fell asleep early which in AK during the summer means 10:30 or 11. Everyone else was up past 1am --it's sunny!
The girls snuck some Playstation in.
Steve is the best cook, he made fish cakes with mashed potatoes and gravy & Heder made a delicious salad.
Dills...playing DS, nothing new there.

The 2 days have been a blur...packed and hauled 5 kids out of the resort early Thursday morning, drove back up to Seattle, which was a breeze (when we drove down it took over 2x as long as it should due to an accident) we loved our time with "the babies" as Manderzz calls them-- sorry Auntie Kerry you aren't important anymore, it's all about those cute boys! Ohh Just 20 days until "the babies" come to Wrangell for a week :)
The flight to ANC was uneventful for us who had to fly in steerage, Jr. whose flight left an hour later was pampered and comfy in 1st class...whatever!!!
My dearest and oldest friend, oh that sounds wonderful friend of 26 years Heder picked us up at the airport, we settled into our our private apt at their house. Manderzz played with their daughter, we had a wonderful dinner, some teen drama (we hadn't had much drama on this trip, we were due) and called it a night. Yesterday was a long journey...Heder dropped us off around 11am and we didn't get to my mom's until almost 7pm! It's called "the milk run" the flight makes stops in several towns between ANC and SEA. We want to know what takes the ground crew in PSG sooooo long???
The 2 younger kids and I went to a little cafe that was open late last night that we spotted while on a walk. I sent them back for my purse (everything is close to my mom's apt here) and they didn't bother to tell Grandma or Jr. that we were getting some dinner, opps! 3 full bellies and 2 empty ones :(
Grandma and I had "teen stuff" to discuss last night and I invited her to "go to her place" so everyone wasn't listening to the discussion. We had a great time, I've never, ever gone out with my's all CB and Alena's fault! :) That's Manderzz' explanation.."What have your friends done to you??!!" she asks.
Manderzz now has a terrible cold, or swine flu or SOMETHING, I'm serious, she's very sick. The grocery store is opening in a few minutes, I've got to get a thermometer and some popcicles. It took 2 adult Advils to make her fever and shaking stop enough to sleep last night. She's just 90 pounds! But, really we've had GREAT luck and none of us had anything major wrong for 15 days. We're here, she has a bed and we have nothing planned for the next month. If there is a "good" time to be sick now is it.


  1. Oh, I hope Manderzz feels better soon!!
    Check your Texts!!!

  2. ohh ok I'm in the "Coffee Shop" not the apt. Escaped the kids to try to upload pics with the lame Internet....must be back in AK!!!

  3. Oh no I hope Manderzz feels better hopefully the boxes I sent to Wrangell some of the contents will put a smile on her face. You will be able to set up your Child sweatshop with some of the other contents Hee hee. Glad you had good trips I have to chuckle at Jr's. first class pampering. It really is the only way to fly LOL.
    Kid should be moving back into her old apartment sometime this week. The refurbishing is through so she can go back in. when you see all the flashing lights and smoke you will know it is me celebrating her departure. The frustrated furry thing will also be relocated to a pen with her boyfriend's family. Wahoo peace will return.
    We finally got rid of one of the little oak trees, neighbor got an old shed for his goats and cut down the tree also for them to eat. We told him that when they finishing eating that one there is plenty more for them to eat. Birds have beem bust scattering acorns. We like some of them but the crooked ones we won't miss. Get some rest and I hope Manderzz gets well soon.