Thursday, June 25, 2009

41 Gifts....or Close to 41

My favorite piece of sea glass ever! It's pink, 4-sided and jsut adorable!
Me with one of my 40-ish gifts!
Jr's famous strawberry moist and delicious.
The pile! Complete surprise, I had no idea.
Brandon the cofee shop guy...ohh Brandon WHY? WHY? WHY? He's says he was hot and cut his hair, we think he had some cocktails (there were tumblers on the porch here at the hotel) AND he was "sick" yesterday hmmmmmm.

My mom and my sister collected 41 gifts for my birthday, was supposed to 40 for last year, but mom and I didn't make it to my party :( . This year we're taking off early so we had a small party tonight. Jr and Juno made a yummy and cute cake, and Mom's 2 sweet friends came for some cake & ice cream.
I loved it all! I got 9 seasons of Stargate --yay! I just need the last one. Lots of baking cups, body & bath and scrap booking goodies too! And a few books to add to my large "to-read" pile. Some office-supply type things (I especially love the pen and the sticky notes for chore lists) I'm exausted LOL don't like attention on me for that long, no really I don't!
Last night we picked up more glass on the beach downtown. I found more shades of blue than I've EVER seen! I also found the coolest piece ever!!! A light pink perfume has X's or crosses on it and is really "done" unlike a lot of the glass we come across here.
Tomorrow some homework for Health Information Law class, workout and maybe to the movie...counting down the days until Monday. No volcanos better impede travel to Unalaska!!


  1. Happy Early Birthday! I sense a theme Party in August!

  2. OMG, we are soooo having a stargate marathon on your real birthday!

  3. Wow what a nice early Birthday surprise. I love the glass stopper very nice. What a yummy looking cake hee hee while you had strawberry cake I had strawberry ice cream here. Stargate good series sometimes our cable company's Scifi channel will put a marathon on I love camping out and watching the shows. Enjoy your goodies.

  4. OMG!! How about we pick our FAvorite Episodes and watch them?
    Mine is the "Groundhog Day" One!

  5. I like the one where they go to the 60s and the one that Jack ends up on a planet for a few years and had fallen in love. But I could come up with 10 more!

  6. Happy Birthday CD! You don't look a day over 35! I really really really love that pink beach glass stopper thingy....I would be beside myself with happiness if I found that! You lucky girl, you!