Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cousins and Horses

This cousin RG is always fun! Jr. enjoys her company a really she's a kick!
OMG they're all text-a-holics!
Manders played poker with DG and step-brother KC.
Dills on Ellie, a very docile horse that put up with them graciously!
Jr. jumping on the horse was so cute. Glad he did it a couple times, it was great entertainment!
Manderzz really wants to spend more time with the horses next summer!! I'm in trouble for not making a week in our schedule to be here this year!!
Ellie takes her time eating. Manderzz just waited patiently on her back.
He's hilarious.
My in-laws KK and CK... Sorry we're leaving so quickly, next year AT LEAST a week, unless I just leave the kids and go visit my buddy Martha Macguyver in Kentucky...hmmmmmmmmmmmm

My parents dropped us off with my husband's sister and her family. We hopped in their vehicle and went to a BBQ! The kids hung out with cousins and enjoyed the horses... We had some good 'ol picnic food, petted lots of sweet dogs (we have no pets, right now, everyone loves to snuggle up with friendly animals that we happen upon)


  1. Manderzz looks so at home and perfect up on the horse!! I will post Three Equestrian Outfits for her on the blog today. Dills also has Correct Riding posture. Junior.........not so much. Now where are the photos of CD up on a horse?

  2. yeah...didn't happen! I know that I do not have the correct riding posture. We have pictures from Cabo.. She really loved being on the horse!!

  3. I love the picture of Manderzz lying on the back of the horse. That one should be framed and put up on a wall! So sweet and precious!

  4. ha! I just noticed you put that pic up on your blog header! very nice~

  5. Great picture of Manderzz on the horse, she looks cute. CD you will have to get CB to go tame one of the wild horses for Manderzz LOL He could get Alexander the eagle to help him. LOL. What is it about this texting mine has 3 things all going off at once with texts phones, palm pilots and blackberry. I quit trying to talk to her to much texting interrupting instead I write notes on paper tape them to the inside car windows and windshield. LOL

  6. It's a different but simialr pic on my header! I love them both!

  7. Very cute! Sounds like you are having lots of fun. We are outta here tomorrow evening if all goes as planned.