Monday, June 15, 2009

Sea Glass Not the Same Here..and Meet Brandon

Megan and Brian...err I mean Brandon! Megan hasn't learned a new coffee drink yet, so no ordering anything odd. Maybe tomorrow. She says she is there to smile and get tips.
Brandon making me a crab panini.
Jr's first bottle top.
I found 3 in the same 1 ft square not a challenge here!
Another bottle top...
And a little clear one.
And another brown one....

And another.... we decided that they're not rare like the book says, or maybe the Wrangell people just drank A LOT of beer?? Probably both observations are true.

I realized that the sea glass is just not tossed around like it is at home. HUGE difference between the waves in mellow Wrangell then the intense waves in Unalaska!! Jr went with me....part of his, "I'm participating and being cheerful campaign" Don't ask, that'll be next week's drama.

It was nice to get out of the house for an hour. We both got quart baggies of glass (I got less that Jr.) which I haven't washed yet. We THOUGHT that finding round bottle tops intact was a big deal until we found 8 or maybe 10 of them!

Sooo... I'm sitting in the coffee shop eating a dungeness crab panini visiting with Brandon and Megan....all very not faithful to Unalaska!!! But the internet connection is excellant here and very very bad in the apartment. (CB, I'm totally teasing, I barely know Brandon)


  1. CD and Brandon .. new BFFs!!! LOL I like Derrick's "I'm participating and being cheerful campaign". hahaha

  2. Junior!!! Those smiles dont even look sincere!!! You have to alter the shape of the smile and the amt if teeth showing. Right now it looks painted on!

  3. So you brought the kids to an infectious city of drunks with Crappy beach glass a tiny room, and Dungie Crab?
    Come Home Already!!!

  4. CD the crab panini sound yummy.Yeah the I am being cheerful and participating thing... been there, seen or experienced it several times, the drama that comes after WOW my drama llama goes off the wall. LOL Kids. I think your round bottle top finds are cool. I wish you luck on your sea glass finding. Wrangell doesn't look like an infections city full of drunks at all. It looks like a peaceful relaxed town with a great cafe. Maybe by the end of the week they will learn some new coffee drinks LOL.

  5. That's the city I was born in you're refering to! LOL...we're not in Unalaska anymore all there is to eat is dungies. The germs came from the waterpark or maybe the sick cousin in Washington! Listen to Margartia it's relaxing here and the cafe/coffee shop/hotel is a fun little world to be in --for a month!

    Ohh so all kids pull that "I'm cheerful and participating for a month action" Great, will have years of it to look forward to!

  6. Yes CD I am afraid you will many times the participating and cheerful is followed by, "Please Mom, I want... ," now my drama llama has on several of these "I want," occasions implied that death is imminent and can only be prevented by getting what she wants. They do seem to survive but the drama and ruckus they create during this "I want or I'll just die," stage often has us parents wishing for ear plugs and large quantities of alcohol LOL.

  7. own youngins' (and now my younger students) also had the stage of "get it or die". God made it part of our genetic maturation process I believe!!
    Thanks for sharing your blogs and comments.

  8. I love the Internet! I'm learning from you guys! Just wait until next week, you'll just shake your heads!