Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pretty Much a Grandma Post --Others Beware

So cute!
John, relaxing. Not a fan of water, he's going to get some pool time with Mom I think!

Jack is so photogenic!
Dills won a Buzz Lightyear for John, he was thrilled!

The boys on the SCARY waterslide. You drop 3 stories free fall it feels like...I did it ...once!

Manderzz and Jack.

The boys...looking studly :)
Jack playing patty-cake.
Just being happy.
We got a smile, yay!
The translucent baby still smiling...
Both of my sister's kids hodl their hands like this, I think it's cute.
Dills loved his b-day trip to the water slide hotel. He really enjoyed it when about 200 Jr. High students came for the day, half were girls in bikinis!
We discovered a huge hot tub that went outside!

Wave pool was closed, had to go to the pool with the floaty things (some sort of 'small accident') ewwww.
I love it when John had fun.

Dyl with his baby cousin.
Time to go eat dinner on our last night. John decided to nap right in front of the door!

Manderzz getting her pedicure while having ice cream and reading a teen magazine!!
The boys again, I actually like this slide, it's not toooooo scary.

It'll utterly boring for anyone NOT related to these 5 kids :)
We made it to ANC for a quick night with Heder & Steve before going to Grandma's in Wrangel Relax...or to workout a lot and catch up on college. Most of us made it, Jr.'s flight should be here in 30 min. 1st class-flying BRAT!!!!!


  1. you guys are getting your money's worth at the pool, what a fun slide

  2. Nice to be able to post pictures with a fast internet connection Huh?
    Miss you!

  3. It was sooo nice! The post was a mess as I was hurrying (grandmas wanted pics!) but it's cleaned up a bit now.
    We're close...ONLY around 900 miles away from home!!

  4. Manderzz got a Pedi? I am SOOOOO Proud of Her!!! Go go Manderzz!!

  5. Wow you guys are having fun on the slides and in the pool. I so love the icecream eating while getting a pedicure. I enjoy a couple of Mimosas during my spa mani and pedi- cures. LOL I love it Junior is flying first class it really is the only way to fly much more comfy... Hee hee. Have a great trip to Wrangell.