Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funny Signs & Random Thoughts

"Everyone" here swears by putting water in ziplock bags in doorways.. They say it deters flys who see with 8 eyes and get very confused by the water, thinking there is a bunch in the way....or something like that. There aren't many flies around and lots of open doors!
This is the van for the grocery store across the street, I was VERY annoyed with the apostrophe..until MOTHER informed me there are 2 Bobs...soo OK they win!
People were bringing their own beverages, sitting in the coffee shop and scamming on the wireless. It was prompty unplugged from the router LOL...they're tough here!
Manderzz saw this one at the counter, "I want a puppy" the irony was lost on her evidently...
Ohh even I remember the drama with that word from the 90s!
Cribbage last night...grandmas doesn't remember who won (usually that means it WAS NOT her) jr. isn't awake yet, it's ONLY 12:15pm.
This is what I get when I send Manderzz to take a picture of Dills working in the booth!

I am too rested, I was awake at 3:30am looking for something to watch on TV...ughh I couldn't figure out how to use the DVD in the bedroom in the dark. I had to watch Rachel Ray?? She isn't very good, I've never watched her show before.
I don't even have puffy eyes or yawn --ever! weird!
I went to the gym for 90 minutes yesterday! YAY! Love the machines here. Jr. gets me to do weights even!

Just in CASE anyone wants to visit Unalaska don't listen to those guys on THAT show...flying into Unalaska is not done on AK Airlines jets anymore! That stopped maybe 5 years ago?? Or more?? The jets were just as described, but Penair does OK. They actually get in, and the flights are only a scary 25% of the time! I endeavor to fly every month (ask Alena! and CB, it's true!) The last time I had REALLY scary flight was last NOV when there were crosswinds and we were sideways...ohh, there was that missed approach and coming around the mountain and landing from the opposite side in May, but nothing like the drama they were acting like is the norm....

I wish they'd show more of the Incentive crew. I have a picture I'm dying to share... I bet my sister has a ton too. And I don't know that odd captain LOL...just the "boys" that are my age.

So it's very mellow here I took some pictures of signs around the hotel/coffee shop (avoiding the cafe to keep from getting a Wrangell butt as Alena! sweetly described what happens to me when I come here and eat at the cafe too often!)
I sent Manderzz and Megan to get a shot of Dills working in Sam's booth, it was a bit early the lunch crowds hadn't started, it'll be insane there very soon! He's selling deep fried shrimp and fried rice, unique combination, but sounds yummy!!!
And he's been a chef longer than Jr. His stuff is so much better than those other contestants! (OK I'm totally just saying that...we'd not buy anything from anyone else!)


  1. CD we will get you a camera and have you video tape the plane flight into Unalaska, then sell copies of it over the internet you will make bunches of money LOL. Love your sign pictures they are great. I have actually done the water in Ziploc bags to keep out the flies looks better then a nasty fly strip. I wake up early also if i sleep to much I generally read a bit. I am with you I would like to see more of the Incentive crew they seem like a great group of guys to watch. I went to visit family and had a neat lunch, A pasta salad with a ham salad topped with Swiss cheese and bread crumbs stuffed tomato. It was excellent. Rachel Ray she is okay but I never really got into her show. I did catch a few of her tasty travel shows I liked seeing the scenery. Looks like every one is having fun. I think Sam will win he has a good group (you guys) campaigning for him.

  2. haha I do have a couple videos on Youtube of landing in Unalaska. Haven't made even a penny off of them!

    from both directions!
    Not as scary as THOSE people say...but still, not like anywhere else!

  3. CD THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! Gee I didn't hear any cheers nor screams like it was suggested. It was quite scenic looking and too me looked like it would be fun. At the airport here we have the little 50 to 100 passenger planes several people have said it was frightening to land because the runway looks so small. Thanks for sharing your videos.

  4. I do have some great pics of Doug from the Incentive. There is one in my FB photo album where he is around 11 or 12. Great stuff. Did they even show them this week?? Can't wait to get to WRG!

  5. And OMG - totally forgot about Jr and that outfit. That is the best! Chris Farley Jr is more like it.

  6. Agreed. The Flights I have been on so far have been Nothing. Heck, I think the worse part is the noise from the engines!
    Wish I could hang an internet sign like that at the Hotel......
    Jr, From Portly to Manorexic!! How interesting........LOL

  7. K, you need to do a post and I'll link to it! There were on for a short time, just a recap I think.
    What are WE going to do about that boy?? He won't eat!

  8. the free puppy for abandoning your kids is just right!!!