Sunday, June 28, 2009

Needed SOMETHING to Do!

My little lasagna for us to sample, I can't ever remember making this before. Note to self: More sauce is needed!
Manderzz playing Triploy.
Random air freshener on a car parked in the hotel parking lot...WHY? WHO?
The big lasagna. Next time I should get it perfect, but they shouldn't be too picky.
The cookies...we didn't even eat one! I did leave some for my sister to bake when they get here to visit.
Jr & my fill-in Juno.
Most of the ingredients I used...

There hasn't been a THING going on for days....I was so bored yesterday that I had a headache and was sleeping on a love seat. My mother's friend Renee is trying desperately to take their family boat out tendering, her husband has been medivaced, the engine is broken...all the usual drama that seems like goes with boats (except the boat my husband runs...OK shutting up, but really, they seem to avoid most drama with THINKING ahead and having contingency plans...but without drama there'd be no DC, right?)
Renee isn't much of a cook and has been working on pumps or the engine and other things that I'd never even try to take apart (Lots of admiration for her even trying to keep everything going) So we decided that they needed lasagna, garlic bread and lots of cookies. YAY! Something to do and it'd help her and her boys (AKA crew) and the random skipper from Sitka. Juno took my place in Tripoly and did very well, whewww my bag of pennies looks about like it did before she sat in for me.

We are going to the movie tonight...heading to ANC tomorrow morning, maybe to another movie tomorrow night, depending on what Heather has planned. Then home at 7am on TUE. That'll be interesting. These nocturnal brats up early 2 days in a row. Maybe I'll get them back on a normal schedule!

Ohhh big treat!!! I hear that Aunt Daisy made homemade root beer and is giving us some!! We haven't had a relative talk to us in nearly a week!!


  1. Cd your lasagna looked great. How nice of you to make dinner for Renee and her family. Wow it does sound like she is very mechanically handy IO could some of her knowledge. I admire her for being able to do all that. Glad Juno did so well filling in for you. Your bag of pennies is safe. Have a great time at the movies. The kiddos will probably crash once they get back home. Take it easy sending you good travel thoughts.

  2. she's trying...out of necesity...tough lady! I don't know what the kids will do at home, but I'm thinking they need a break from games and computers!

  3. OK, the air freshner is totally cracking me up! Looks like you accomplished quite a bit this weekend!

  4. Wow that lasagne looks yummy! You are a wonderful friend!

  5. I want that Air Freshner!!
    I can teach you Lasagna.
    And I will see you in 1 day, 10 hours 40 minutes and 22 seconds!

  6. Yeah I should have a lasagna lesson. All that cheese, just never been something I made for my non-cheese eater hubby! We'll attempt to go to Transformers...if we even get out of WRG...the weather is not looking GREAT!

  7. CD ~~ I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE U but I shall make you the BEST Lasagna EVER!!!! When i visit in Aug there shall be AKgal ( i think i know her! but i dont! and i kinda love her too!) CB just cause i wanna squezze him sooo flippen cute and i found him the PERFECT person while i was in seattle by the way!) And Bossy well hell cause she is BOSSY!!! and VODkA ahhhhh cause you cant make lasagna whith out vodka!!! And we should also have a bunko night and I wanna see Erin and Patakieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell her to make me time!! chip chop!!!! And i wanna go play with the horses cause I never ever did while i lived there and and and damn i gotta big asss list of what i wanna do while iam there.................. ps t and the moose thought that was a pot pie ..............

  8. I'll got on all of it!! I'm sooo excited. Yeah, pot pie...I really did need more sauce, oh well I tried and they eat a lot of junk food not too picky!