Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekends in Wrangell are Relaxing....

Megan, another cousin who is visiting from Hawaii. She is working at the coffee shop --she is proficient in making 3 drinks now! Just don't ask her to make any others, not even Americanos. Maybe next week...
The coffee shop was closed this afternoon....I'll go in tomorrow and visit! The Internet is better there and the workers are fun!

"Our" room...needs to be cleaned up a bit.
The Cafe.
Another view of the's quite festive.
This random hallway used to scare the kids at night when it's dark and that door is shut!
One of the rooms, there are 7 and they're all different.
Another hallway in the hotel.
The lobby.
Aunt Daisy, Megan and sick Manderzz in my mother's apartment behind the front desk of the hotel.

The front desk...fancy, huh?
YAY! We have wheels this year....last year we didn't.
Outside of the hotel.
My mom's apt.

There isn't much to do on weekends here. I've been snoozing and doing little things from my "to-do" list. Manderzz started getting sick about the time we hit Juneau. She was so miserable and I was in trouble for not sitting next to her so now I am! We ended up taking her to the doctor last night, her fever was nearly 103 with 2 adult Advils in her!! They got it down and she's improving....but now Jr. is sick :(

I did sneak out to get some groceries yesterday, everything in Wrangell closes at 6pm on Saturday and doesn't open again until Monday at 8am. Then I also snuck to the movie with my mom's friend Lynn... we saw Wolverine, it was actually good! I didn't even sleep.
I took some pictures of this unique place we stay during the summer....There is more to see...but it's like no-where else!!

Ohh we're off to the beach to look for sea glass :) CB..miss you!!!


  1. I the cafe it looks like a fun place. Cool place where you are. I am sorry Manderzz had such a high fever I am glad the doctor got her high fever down. I hope Dills just has a nild fever and one not high like Manderzz. Sounds like you had a good evening grocery shopping and a movie good mom time. Enjoy your walk I hope you find lots of great beach glass.
    Kid has apartment key in her possession I am calling this morning to get the power turned on and hopefully by Friday she will be back in her apartment. My life will be so peaceful no ringing of cell phones, IM message beeping, text messages, loud music 24/7, Hopefully the frustrated furry archeologist will be leaving this weekend. Sigh peace will return. HURRAY.

  2. thanks for sharing your summer travels on the blog.

    The sea glass is in several Aluetian blogs. Is it glass washing ashore or bits of colorful rock chipped from shorelines? Is it sharp? I enjoy seeing you decorate with it!!


  3. You all sleep in that little room? Heck, Send Jr home and he can sleep in my Walk in Closet and it will still be bigger!!
    Big Hugs and Prayers for Manderzz!!

  4. Manderzz is recovering maybe today she won't be pitiful...AND jr must stay and finish his calculus!

  5. CB's closet is huge! It could sleep at least that where CB's sis and nephew are sleeping while they are here then? hahaha!
    We missed you all on Saturday night, SP thinks get togethers just are not the same without Manderzz and Dill.
    Now go out there and get 10 gallons of beach class again so you can lug it home and refortify our!

  6. yeah I totally noticed that the beach glass here isn't as "done" as the small ones at home. I will have to throw them back to get "more done" whatever that means! I guess I will focus on the teeeny cute ones, my mom has some cute jars. hmmm good sorry I ditched ya gifts for my 3 friends!

  7. SEE!! Dutch Harbor/Unalaska is Superior to infected old Wrangell!! Come Home!!

  8. Dut/Unalaska is superior in many ways including my wonderful friends. But I enjoy seeing my mum and a ton of cousins, aunts, uncles etc. Plus we're helping Sam run for royalty it's fun! Plus where else can I sleep 10 hours a day!?