Saturday, June 20, 2009

Petroglyphs & Sea Glass

These are ginormous canning jars..maybe 2 quarts? I bought at a garage sale in Petersburg a year or two ago. The one on the left has huge pieces of glass and the one on the right holds all the tops of jars we found.
This is what is left after I took all the huge pieces out and the bottle tops.

This is just 2 hours' worth of picking up glass...jr and I. It's not even a challenge...

So odd, the waves are so mellow! We once took the ferry to Petersburg in the middle of the night, all 3 kids didn't even know we'd left the dock when I woke them up in Petersburg!
I cannot fathom the amount of "stuff" on the beach here....I really do prefer the beaches at home, so much more pristine.
One of the petroglyphs...
This one is hard to see.
Very faint petroglyph.
I wish they'd show up better! They're very cool and unique.
This "face" (my guess, probably completely wrong!) is fairly clear.
This storage shed is the coolest thing! It'd blow over at home in one season!!
They have nets, a little skiff and other fishing gear. The fishing is quaint here. That's not what anyone from Southeast AK probably wants to hear, but compared to home it is! The guys aren't even tough or dirty or anything LOL...very different breed than the guys back in Unalaska.
Maybe a bird?
Another view of the bird.
A reproduction, but it gives a better idea of what are on the rocks below.
I like this one.
Who made these?? Why aren't they all over AK?

What could this mean?

I love this one!

The sun came out a little yesterday afternoon, Dills was snoozing (he had to work from 11pm until 2am selling burgers to revelers... (They sold a ton!) Grandmas was napping too of course, it's not a diagnosable illness, really it's just that quiet here, we all nap often! No reason to hurry (complete opposite of the other 11 months of life for us) We went to our favorite beach to see the petroglyphs -- and see if any sea glass was "done enough" to bring home too. I know there were many more petroglyphs on the rocks, I am not patient enough to find them though.


  1. CD you find the coolest things. Rock petroglyphs awesome. We have some in the area that they have traced back to early Native Americans. The theory is the tribes used the wall of one cave to tell the movement of game each year for the winter, sort of like an early message boards. When the petroglyphs started to fade the local park service hired a Native American artist to outlined them. I liked them better natural. I love your sea glass finds, you find some awesome sea glass. You got a great haul there. Enjoy relaxing and resting gal you deserve it you work hard the other 11 months this one is your take it easy month. Nasty weather here today I am staying indoors. Kid has moved out finally now to get the frustrated furry archeologist out of my yard. Once he leaves I can begin filling in his huge excavations. He has to leave by the end of the month or Kid will be receiving a bill for his upkeep hee hee, Mom is so mean.

  2. The Glyphs are cool!! I Wanna see more!! What is their history? Which Tribe or tribes? Religious, Ceremonial or simply decorative?