Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free Junior?

CB cracks me up!
Mine is the 1st bunch on the left, Jr's the middle with all the bottle tops and Manderzz' on the far right.
Manderzz' treasures she found pink & lavender and a good-sized colbalt blue!
Jr's pile, he finds so many bottle tops...I didn't see any!
He found a HUGE pink piece and some lavenders too!
My pile...beautiful! All the different shades of blue and aqua and turquoise, pink and lavender too.
The ferry we watched dock.

CB cracks me up...evidently CB's little sis really wants Jr's chocolate strawberries! CB is launching a full campaign to get us or just him home early! Jeff has threatened to break his own arm, and on CB's blog it says the entire staff is going to go on strike (yeah right!)
Cute, cute....have you met my mother? We can't tell her we're bailing out early!

Last night we watched a ferry dock and today we discovered a "new" beach that had more blue, turquoise, aqua, pink, violet and all shades of light green sea glass. We got all of these in just 45 minutes That is our new "thing" find some other beaches, we're tired of going to the same beach.

Tonight we're going to open our "surprise" boxes from Margarita! It's time to see what fun is in store!! She spoils us more than we deserve!!!.... After we see Star Trek again, I am drinking a big cup of coffee to make sure I stay awake.


  1. Well, you can tell all these "leaving early" people that they just have to wait until after the 10th. You *have* to be there when we come, more boy giggles to be had!

  2. You all can come back early. I have never been there before and CB is sad that you are gone this long.... Is it working yet?

  3. Imprisoned in Wrangell CB makes it sound like Junior is being held hostage,with leg irons on his ankles... ROTFL. I saw a picture that CB posted of the brunch that showed chocolate strawberries not Junior's, but they were present. CD you stay and enjoy your vacation. CB will survive until your return. You just found a new source of fantastic sea glass you got to properly explore the area. Great ferry picture must be cool to get to watch it dock. Enjoy the movie and all the goodies you all deserve some spoiling. Hee hee you can start another child sweat shop LOL.