Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Destination Resort in the Middle of NOWHERE

Oops Jr and I were left in charge of the baby for a little while while everyone else swam last night. We turned our heads, OK he was chatting to Juno with web cams (hmm exactly what do they do?!) and I logged on to TRY to check my email! This is where we found Jack! I gave up and played with him. I even made a bottle and put him to sleep (seriously, that's the first bottle I ever made!) I had to read the instructions!!
We swapped kids on the long walk back to the room, Jr. WAS carrying the baby until he got the weirdest, most sympathetic looks from a group of girls in the lobby...LOL he wasn't about to carry him anymore!
Jack looks nothing like my sis (who shows our Tlingit heritage way more than me!)
He's so fun, he will play with us and is content to hang out with us. Gotta say, all 3 of my kids liked very few people until they were 3! So this is also new to me, I love it!!
The 80s are back!! Manderzz' new outfit proves it! Limited Too/Justice is so much more reasonable for an 11 year old spending her birthday money than Burberry --CB!!!
My sis KT and baby Jack who is so pale he's translucent!
The Great Wolf Lodge.
The kids were very wired in for the LONG-ass car trip. It was over 2x as long as it was supposed to be thanks to some sort of accident involving a semi. I got to know my cousin "Peg" better. She has lots of nicknames, we made one up for just us! As she's usually running around very quickly! I sooo want a Lexus SUV! I think it's important for my commute to the office that I have a navigation system and that the kids can watch DVDs....right? It's over 5 min of driving time!
We had a nice lunch before the long car ride. This was on the menu --what is whitefish, I had to ask. Well, it's not halibut or cod! I kept looking at her. She came back with the admission that it was pollock --ewwww! Who would pay for pollock?? I chose halibut ceviche tostados instead. Nobody else seems impressed, but I think it was the best thing ever! They used guacamole as a base, put some shredded cabbage next and topped it off with ceviche (not as citrus-y as they make at home, but it worked)

K, we haven't quite gotten into this resort thing yet, the food is blah. The game thing is for kids in-between K's kids (1&3) and my big kids. The room is cool, love the separate room for my 3, but it's way smaller than it looked in the pics. We were stuck in traffic on the way down here, it took forver, we have to leave early tomorrow. Ughhh we better go play in the pools and make the most of things today, huh?! It's great to see my sister and her boys are adorable. We haven't even met the 1 year old before now! They think we're very fascinating and fun!!


  1. Aww the little one is cute and very artistic. At least he didn't know how to open bottles or he might have expressed himself with shampoo everywhere. I love Manderzz outfit yep the 80's are making a come back I saw an ad fringe is is also coming back. Don't tell Manderzz but I had an outfit similar to hers in purple many many years ago. ( I suddenly feel old lol)Ugh I hate being stuck in traffic . Sorry the room is small they resort pictures and ads do tend to make things sound bigger and better sigh advertising. Enjoy your resort time.

  2. Hey, Dont you want Manderzz to be able to sell her coats for $1,100.00 when She is a famous Designer?

  3. yeah, sure! But I'd rather buy 20-30 things for $1100 now!