Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Opened Presents to Cheer Us Up! Thanks Margarita!

9th grade me! My face looks round?? I was skinny --weird! (yes, a bit obsessive)PC's brother is on the Incentive, but THAT show doesn't show anyone besides the captain very much.
All the snacks from Margarita!! Thanks so much!
The kids were so bored they even played several board games today.

It's still blah and I'm ready to be home, I even started packing....I need another tote..oops how does that happen!? But they don't sell totes at home and my theory is you can't have too many...my friends have been alerted, I hope they can come up with a van to pick me, my entourage and all my luggage up next TUE.

Margarita spoils me! We got a bunch of Moon Pies, some healthy cookies and a TON of pecans. CB and I already have a plan for those...we're going to have one of our get-togethers crack them, toast them and make spiced pecans and candied pecans!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

The kids played some games and took a walk in the drizzle, I went to the gym. I booked a bunch of travel :) It's a habit, I can't stop! My husband is going moose hunting, WE are going to ANC for him to get his wisdom teeth out --ouch! Then on to celebrate our 20th annv a bit early in Cabo. We got married in NOV which is a very busy time, he's never home, not sure why we chose that date. We got married, he went crab fishing never even got a "Real" Honeymoon..I went on a FAM trip to Britain, I'm not dumb. I was a travel agent, we went on several trips before kids, but haven't since the almost 18 year old was born! Should be fun!!

Sooo I suffered through and made my mother suffer through 1 hour 50 minutes of DC tonight, but was rewarded at the end with a bit of Crosby, cute kiddo! Like those teeth :)
They're never going to show the Incentive crew very much, I can tell that, so here is my 9th grade crush, PC. His brother Dominic is on the Incentive...I think PC was on the Wizard for quite awhile, we used to see him off and on around Unalaska, but haven't for years. I haven't changed at all, RIGHT?? They don't show the crew much, but I saw Nunilon tonight CRACK me up...he looks so different (bigger) And Doug....I have a couple Doug stories, but they do not put ME in the best light LMAO...and one isn't even true, his memory is obviously not great!! Really Alena! it isn't true!!


  1. I am so glad you got your packages. Hee Hee gonna make CB do some of the work cracking the pecans good idea. Love the ideas for them. I wish that show would show a bit more of the Incentive and crew. I love the Captain's handlebar mustache, very memorable. Stories that don't put you in the best light hmm sounds intriguing. By the way you look great and love the (th grade picture. Glad you and Capt. T are getting to have a special trip for your 20th anniversary. You will enjoy Cabo. LOL CD the reason you need another tote is all the extra goodies and sea glass you are bringing back with you. LOL When I go out of town I always bring home more then I take. I think my stuff secretly multiplies LOL

  2. I am not sure that Doug story isn't true - you and your selective memory! :)

  3. I will be there with the clinic van to collect my preciouses! What time does your flight arrive? should CB come with an extra van just for the luggage? or will you be needing a cargo van?

  4. Oh a Pecan party and seeing your 9th grade crush again!!!

    How long would our stories of our freshman year crushes be? Funny? Painful? No memories?
    ANyone smiling as they remember back in the day???


  5. WOW! If you guys want some pecans, I can send some too...the tree at my house usually produces waaaaay more than we can use even after Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    LOL! 1 hour and 50 minutes and Crosby makes it all woth it. ;) I wish they'd show the incentive more too...I like them a good bit. 9th grade eh? lol!

  6. I think I am getting a big SUV for my sister so that should be good!
    This week is Taking FOREVER!!!