Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pike Place Market this the same union suit you saw??
The boys had to give this dude $1, they loved the cats...random!!
Has ANYONE ever tried quail eggs?
Or ostrich, or even emu eggs? I'm fascinated! I have to try them --once.

There is a flying salmon in this picture...those guys are fast, it was hard to catch! Good job Jr.!
This dude is just for CB...or maybe Alena!
Hey husband of mine, go get 50-60 reds straight from the Bering Sea, k? From a river, hmpphh...I don't think so! (they sure scored on the marketing plan) they're just the earliest run of reds right? Someone explain what I'm not seeing...
And keep pulling of these fellas out per day too, K?

The doughnut that won't go away... Dills was starving too. Bought him chicken on sticks and fried rice. Hmmm we should all eat Dills' food I think. Even white rice is better than this cruddy breakfast!

Everyone loved Pike Place Market...maybe not Manderzz too much, but it was an experience for her anyway! The kids are the most fascinated with street people, performers on the street and unique guys like "The Cat Whisperer" Guess we don't have anyone like them at home! After a 2 hour drive and no breakfast Jr. was starving and talked him into buying a giant doughnut --after acting like he's too good yesterday at Krispy Kreme. We all ate it, then we shared with the 5 relatives here, I think there is a bit left STILL! That is a lot of doughnut! Sad quote of the day was ,"How come Grandpa talks to strangers all the time but not so much to us?" There just is no explaining that one Manderzz...


  1. OMG .. I'm dying over that doughnut! haha It's as big as a cake! That cat whisperer looks awesomely cool too!! I may have to check out his website. :-)

  2. HAHAHA!!! Yes! YES!! That's the one! I just...I'm telling you, the hilarity factor of those long johns (unions suit...never heard that before!) is epic!

    Speaking of epic, that donut is ridiculous in the best possible way. It's practically a bunt cake!

    I love Pike Market. Oh, and I have a couple or ostrich eggs, but they're hollow. I've never tried them...however ostrich meat...mmmmm!

  3. Wow CD that doughnut is HUGE. I love the unique long johns LOL. Pikes market is cool the flying fish pic is great. Tried quail eggs once, pretty good. We have a neighbor that has a couple of emu's. They claim the eggs are great.

  4. hahah people DO actually wear Union suits(I'm serious that's what they're called) in AK --they're very cozy when duck hunting etc.
    AE even sold one last winter!

    I'm sooo trying those eggs! Maybe a fancy store near my cousin's house will have them. I hear it's a decent neighborhood (Bill Gates lives there!)

  5. Let us know how the eggs taste. I always see them on the food net work in stuff they gotta be goodish right?? YAYAY Pikes market!! Makes me happy just seeing pics of it!!