Monday, June 22, 2009

It's TRUE..We're Out of Here Early!

Itinerary and Fare

Alaska Airlines 65Wrangell (WRG)
10:31 am Mon, Jun 29
Anchorage (ANC)
2:39 pm Mon, Jun 29
Coach · Boeing 737-400
Two stops/plane change70% On-Time
Meal: None

Total: 722 mi · 2 hr 48 min

Alaska Airlines 3286
Operated by
Anchorage (ANC)
7:00 am Tue, Jun 30
Dutch Harbor (DUT)
10:00 am Tue, Jun 30
Coach · Saab SF340A/340B
Meal: None

Total: 788 mi · 3 hr

Sorry K, I don't mean to hurt you guys!!!


  1. The proof is in the posting!
    See people, my breaking news alerts are accurate.

  2. OMG!!! I am sooooooo Happy right now!! Do you know it ws a dark and dreary day but now the sun has come out and it jumped like 10 degrees!!!
    The Island is happy that you are coming back!!!
    (But not as much as I am!!)

  3. CB is going to be so so happy. Junior's chocolate strawberries will be the star of the Sunday Brunch once again.