Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Anchorage, STILL!

We're at the airport, we've been here for awhile, tried to sneak on the 9:35am departure, but no room. Our flight just landed...we should be on the way home in a few minutes! I hear the wind is "brisk" and the visibilty is decent. And all 9 of our bags made it safely...whewwwww. That is good.
We had a nice dinner with our friends, even played a game, a different kind of game than we've ever played. It's to facilitate communication. The Ungame. It was good. We need to buy it.

We borrowed clothing for sleeping and washed our outfits :)

I better get my pics on before it's time to board...will probably be busy for a week once I get home, it seems to be that way after a trip...and I have holiday STUFF to accomplice too.


  1. CD, Manderzz is so crafty I like it. You will just have to get Capt. T to fix that one layer stack of pots so you can put lights on them. This year I am trying the inflatable decorations so far I am sort of mixed about them. They have an electrical pump that powers a fan to keep them filled with air, but you have to unplug the pump periodically so it doesn't over heat. The inflatable slowly deflates. They are nice and look great and are easy to store. Kid likes them and thinks they look great. Since she wants to do the decorating I am learning to like them. LOL
    My twin kittens have grown and are so alike I am going to have to get two different color collars for them. The little buggers answer to each other's name it is cute I have to look at their feet to know who is who.LOL

  2. Cute Margarita....no inflatables out here!!

    YES CB, we left at 12:30 and got here around 5pm...some time in Cold Bay, some bumpy circling...ughhh but we made it!