Monday, November 30, 2009

The Trip That Never Ends (cleaned up a bit)

We had a good day yesterday, even though the 3 of us were getting a bit testy and anxious to go home. We bowled 3 games (quite badly...but it was fun nonetheless) then went to Hethykins and Steve's house for dinner! I try to do this every time I'm in ANC if at all possible. She's been my confidant and has been my bestest buddy for 26 years!
Steve made moose steak, garlic mashed potatoes and sounds like an average meal, not so! Steve is an amazing cook!!! It'd be dull if I cooked it :) I got hints on making our moose as tender as theirs, thanks guys!!
Steve and T had never met...they talked and talked about killing animals to be eaten...Maybe Steve will come out to fish this summer. Soooo I think they got along :)

The kids played Scrabble too. I feel a new game obsession coming on! (I know you'll approve Donna!)

Today we were SUPPOSED to fly home. The flight went, T went. Mandy and I decided to PenAir up on their offer of free tickets ANYWHERE Alaska Air flies (MEXICO??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and stay until 12pm tomorrow...Heth will be here any second, we'll be off the internet until tomorrow am.
LOVE free tickets --some of the fares are $1600-$1800 EACH :)


  1. Awwww, sweet deal! Gotta love free tickets!

  2. CD great deal free tickets do I hear a trip to Cabo? LOL I know you will be glad to get home see the boys, Bella, and everyone. Glad Capt. T's boat is in time to put the Christmas Lights on the crab pots for decorations LOL.

  3. Free tickets RULE!! And just another chance to get me a Jacob Cup at Burger King.......

  4. hahah lights on the crab pots --hmm there is only one layer now. probably wouldn't show up too much, unless the others ones come back home. hahah CB TEAM EDWARD and fast food is evil, just like Wal Mart!
    We had yummy moose nachos with homemade salsa last night.