Sunday, November 08, 2009

Still @ the Conference, Heading Home @ 2pm

Not a lot of photo-ops yesterday, LOTS of talking, lots of learning....some eating and a bit of shopping too.
I'm packed and ready to head home this afternoon, time to get busy selling my eBay! For reals!!
We'll be heading back over for some medical in a couple weeks..ANYONE up for puppy sitting for just a couple days???
I found peanut oil for AG's husband to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving and picked up some stuff for CB too. Didn't do all that I wanted to do, but there is always next time, right?
I wasn't able to work out this morning as the gym opened late...bummer! Back at it 6am tomorrow!!
Can we start baking holiday goods and listening to Christmas music yet??

Here's TFP hte president of the Unalaska Board of Education. Or Her Majesty as I like to call her, moderating the resolutions meeting this morning. Later today she will take her position as AASB president...go Tammy!!


  1. I call puppy sitting if AG has not already!!!!

  2. CD start the baking and caroling. I have started getting my Holiday packages packed. I am ordering from a deli my T-day dinner they make a great huge meal plenty of leftovers and the price is reasonable. Have a great trip.

  3. I think a couple of days with a new puppy will cure Ray of his puppy lust ... sure, bring Bella on! LOL