Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween At Home..

I have to break Halloween into two posts...home and the festivities at "Trooper Housing" or "The Apartments" as the housing is referred to.

Pumpkins were carved.... (I missed Dills making his masterpiece complete with "boogers"
Manderzz decorated:

Gifts were opened:

Bella was cute --(always!)

Costumes were worn: (I don't have the "scary jester and the burger King" things were just too busy :(
Trick or Treaters came by:

Plenty of food was eaten:

Apples to Apples was played:

A song was sung (poorly I do have to add)

Cake was enjoyed:

Dad got tired after the 2 hours we spent over at the apartments:

I hear the boys played Xbox until 3 or 4 am.....

I was asleep!


  1. wow...halloween was never this much fun when i was growing up!! are pumpkins pretty pricey out there?

  2. Looka like a fun weekend was enjoyed by all. Bella is adorable as always. The pumpkin carving is awesome they look like they enjoyed it. Great costumes.
    The new kitty is adjusting well. She is eating,checking out the house, and resting. The vet checked her out said she appeared to be a bit thin but otherwise in goos health. No one has reported her missing. She is a little skittish but I hope that will stop once she gets calm.

  3. haha it's my eldest kid's birthday so it's a double -duty day for us! I will post the adult fun time today....that's what made my husband so very "tired" that he "slept" through 10 of us singing Happy Birthday very badly!

  4. Still waiting for today' post...........LOL
    I know how it is, took me two days to post Halloween!!!
    Glad you all had a great time!!

  5. Hi..a little late reading..busy the pics..

  6. hshs me too...haven't checked emails in 4 days!
    Will get the pics from AG.s amazing, crazyness up tonight!!