Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love Snow...When I'm Not Flying.

Yesterday was fun! It was snowing like crazy...the 2 youger kids took the puppy sledding across the street. I worked out a lot...didn't have an accident when a grater was coming at me on my side of the road in the snow?? I'm still muttering about that? Why would the driver do that? It's a perfect road, wide-ish, flat, obvious reason to mess with my head.
Manderzz made a snowman, I learned how to make cube steak from moose meat. I only like very tender meat...this was absolutely delicious and worth the $120 or whatever the gadget cost!

I made more peanut clusters, then as I don't even like peanuts I tried macadamian nuts and pistacios too --yumm! We have candy for the entire holiday season, really must move on!
I've already worked out, gone to the dentist, my teeth are perfect... just 2 more silver filings to be "fixed" apparently they're wearing out or cracking...that's fine, it'll be nice to have no metal in my teeth at all! The kids all have dentist appts this week too and now  I have to get a temporary put on the worst cracked filling Friday...that way I can get the permanent one when the dentist comes back in just a few weeks --fun! It better stay in, no fun to be messing with a tooth while running around Anchorage!!

Random Cabala's gadget that I'm really going to love!

AG and I walked while AS played basketball last night, Pattycakes popped in, haven't seen her in ages, ended up talking instead walking or watching...opps!
I have to write up the saying to go on Jr's yearbook page...right now..I should quit blogging and get it done so I can swim @ noon. I'm getting close to being done with my "Indoor Triathelon" which comes to over 3000 hours of working out....I must be adding that wrong. It's 1660 miles, you get 30 miles for each 60 minutes of exercise...I'm on a break from school. Anyone??


  1. Hei!
    Love to read your blog and always follow.
    This way I get infos and an idea about how life is on the Aleuts; we hardly get any information overhere. Suppose some people even don't know that they exsist...
    Your kids and pup are just sweet and adorable!
    European Greetings ☀

  2. ummm, I am thinking like 55 hours? 1660 miles total/30 miles/hour = 55.33 hours? Algebra twice in a month!

  3. glad you follow! Is life here THAT different than anywhere else? We fly more and shop at Wal-Mart less oh and less fast food. I'm glad for all of those things! They are pretty cute :)
    K --thanks..that sounds so much more do-able!!
    I just have about 18 more to go!!

  4. CD the puppy sledding with the kids is so cute. It looks like Bella had a great time.I love the snowman looks great Manderzz did a great job. I'll have to send you some more pecans for you to make candy with LOL. So glad your indoor triathlon is going well. It sounds like you are accomplishing tons. Getting all your dental stuff done, and enjoying a ball game.

    The "new little ones," are investigating their new kingdom. They run about calling each other as they discover new spots to explore. We put a collar on one to tell them apart they are identical. I am taking all name suggestions for the two boys if the kids have any ideas.

  5. Oh, the Christmas treats look soooo yummy. Enjoying the blog and especially the pictures. Keep up the good work!