Friday, November 27, 2009

Our First Black Friday in a City with Malls

Wow..where has the week gone? We've gone to dr appts (t is fine) and watched too many movies. I've worked out and we've swam in the pool, played in the huge wonderful hot tub and ate. That's all I can remember from the week!
Thursday we were sad, missing the boys and our puppy has practically adopted the Hladicks LOL...they sent 16 pictures of her with them! They suggested picking ourselves up a new puppy! Jr has been watching her, but between school and work he needs help. I really think he'll never have kids after this week!
AKGlitterQueen and crew picked me up THUR we hit Old Navy as they were about the only open place. Then later T was kind enough to take me to Michael's which opened @ 5pm. We got a lot for Mandy's class. For the family they adopted for Christmas (Unalaskans as always have come through more than EVER expected and this family of 5 are going to have an AMAZING Christmas!)
We were going to hit ToysR Us at 12am...but couldn't justify it. We just didn't have much to get there. 4 am at Sears or was it  JC Penny's?? We just didn't NEED anything enough to get up.
BUT 6am at Sportsman's Warehouse, THAT's Worth waking up at 5am, getting there by 5:30--whatever!
My big purchases...a clearance sweater, matching scarf and some glove-mittens.
My view for quit awhile:

and 3 sleds....
It took until 7:30 we spent soooo much $$$ omg... it was very cute, some people were selling coffee and muffins while we were in line, they'd been up all night going to the lines all over town.
Back at the hotel, breakfast with a 100 happy hungry people (some kids' hockey tournament happening this weekend, good weekend for Alaskans from all over to come to ANC!) then back to the mall to let Manderzz spend HER $$$, She's been patient. 2 stores and she was satisfied. T ran into one of his best friend from growing up in Kodiak, that was very fun! Maybe he'll talk Mark into coming to Unalaska this summer!
A quick trip to Costco..then I demanded to come back to sleep. We should've been bowling with AKGlitterQueen and kids, but sleep was needed.
We did try to pick up our Nutcracker tickets..that was a cold, wet failure, I hope we can get them tomorrow.
T and Manderzz are at a fast food resturant (yuk!) I had half a bagel, peanut butter and some pineapple. Sick of eating. We are meeting my step brother and family for dinner tonight at Benihana's. We've never been, I hear it's wonderful!!
CB was appalled that I wasn't into Black Friday, omg it's too much for my brain, all the crowds, all the Wal Mart, no Best Buy EVER....but the calm stores we went to were nice. I purposly chose "nice" places.


  1. CD sounds like you had a nice quiet shopping day. I got most of my shopping completed before Thursday just need to get some gift cards but no biggie. I am using this weekend to get all my packages ready for mailing. I also will get my decorating done this weekend don't have a lot left to do. I know you all miss Bella she will be glad to see you when you get home. Glad to hear all is well with Capt. T. Have a great weekend.

  2. Next Year I will Just Have to go up there to Show Manderzz How it is REALLY Done!!

  3. Mellycholps, What time should we do dinner? We are free after church at noon. We have to add a few hours for me whenever!
    Thanks for all your thoughts and talks while you've been here. It means a lot to have such a good friend. You are the Bestestest! Love, Hethykins

  4. We may hit an afternoon movie and come over at 3 or 4??