Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Long Day..Then A Bit of Fun

We had a long day of meetings and seminars, learned lots...then the annual AASB scholarship fundraising dinner. After that we needed a change of scenery...several of us ran to Target to grab some little things... ohh the fundraiser was AMAZING every district donates items, then we bid on them ...omg hand carved ivory and soapstone figurines, signed items from Phil off the CM from us, handmade dolls from up north, just all sorts of wonderful Alaskan teasures. OVER 15k was raised! 15 $1000 scholarships --horray!!


  1. Great auction CD. Lots of money raised for scholarships. I like the pink bag very chic. Our neighbor came over and relocated an old storage building. We are happy to have that out of the yard now we don't have to mow around it. Next we are hoping to get some of the dead and dying trees cut down. We get limbs in the yard from them with every storm. The limbs that are dropping now are quite large. The holidays are quickly approaching. I have most of my shopping completed. I will start my package mailing in the next few weeks. Enjoy your trip looks like loads of fun.