Thursday, November 05, 2009

LOVE the Gym..want to spend 4 Hours There

I think I get to see my old buddy AKGLITTERQUEEN today, she's CRAZY fun!! Horray!

I swan for 30 min and did the stationary bike for 45...I feel great! There were mandy more things to do in the large gym, can't wait to get back there later tonight.

Home is not a happy place, Bella and I have a definate routine...the kids are off for parent-teacher conferences, having to bribe Manderzz to fill in for me. ohhhh bother.


  1. The gym does look great. K would be like you enjoying it lots. Poor Manderzz, I hope Bella doesn't drive her too crazy. Enjoy your day.

  2. GO mel GO!!! get your gym on!! I love going to the gym at hotels I dont know why?? Humm maybe cause iam not worring about every day stuff and i can just focus on me? Or cause its new equipment? who knows besides iam rambling NEED to get this costco crap put away and iam AVOIDING!!