Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Friends and Culture

The sets was gorgeous, but we read in the program to not take pictures after I got these few, being a rule-follower I didn't take any more.

Manderzz shared some with me...yum! My salad was gross.
The whole gang...Wonder if we'll EVER have occasion to include MTM's and K's families too??
C & B were so cute. Silently entertaining themselves while the adults talked and talked.
I think Frederico was Mexican not Japanese, oh well. He was good.

It's our last night in ANC --we're sooooo ready to be home. I know that Jr, Dylls and Bella are very ready for us to be home too. Friday we met up with my brother Rick, Brenda and their boys at Benihana. What a meal! It was delicious! We had a great time visiting too. We were exhausted and I was in bed by 9pm.
I'd been up since 5am to hit Sportsman's Warehouse for guns, ammo, hunting/sledding clothes and who knows what else, A LOT of stuff. People thought we were sooo rural Alaska that we chose THAT store and THAT stuff to buy on Black Friday. Whatever --all the other electronics can be purchased on line and shipped to us, why bother with the crowds and lines? (plus we're not doing the crazed electronic thing this Christmas, our "indulged" kids have more than enough already!)

Yesterday we ran a few errands, Target and Old Navy for Mrs. Beard's class. T went to REI for some gifts while Manderzz and I ate at the Middle Way Cafe -
I want to eat that sort of food all the time! I think Jeff needs to open a place like that?!! Or Alena?? Come on guys! Someone...
Last night was the big night, The Nutcracker! We met Patty, Dave and DJ. It was lovely, Manderzz liked it a lot. Patty gave Manderzz a sweet little ballerina ornament as a keepsake (she's so thoughful that way!) T survived and didn't fall asleep, but there will be no more ballets for him.

Today, just a quick trip to Fred Meyers I haven't gotten 2 items for Mrs. Beard's class and T has a few more things to get (don't know where we'll put this stuff. We literally have 9 pieces of luggage and 2 carry-ons each and CB thought we were slackers in the shopping department!! WE acquire huge amounts of crap without even trying.


  1. The Nutcracker it is wonderful my kiddo has danced it several times as a Sugar plum fairy, snowflake in the snowflake waltz, Snow Princess, The Arabian Dance, The Chinese Tea Number, A toy soldier, A child at the party, and as a mouse. So many holidays have spent back stage doing costume changes for the Nutcracker.
    I like your idea stay out of the crowds and do online shopping it is easier besides you can get great deals. I need to do a bit of decorating this week. I think I'll let the kid do it. Our gifts are easy we get gift cards for each other that way we can get what we want LOL. Bella and the boys will be happy to see you all.

  2. ohhh very cool. We've never had much dance avail. But Manderzz is happy with piano and sports, thank goodness.
    Can't wait to see Bella and the boys. I hear she's been spoiled and not being doing too well with her commands!