Friday, November 13, 2009

The Mightly Duck Hunters

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I got home! Ohh yeah...I saw Jonathon from the TB in the PENAIR area in ANC....ignored him also..those guys are everywhere!!

Ughhh worn out planes don't make me happy! I'm going to assume they put their money into the engine and not into making the inside look decent.

Manderzz made me a chocolate cake with A LOT of frosting!

Time has flown, I've ignored my computer, badly. All the moms and friends feel neglected --sorry x7! I have been swamped, really! Every day flies by: kids, puppy-working out-errands-housework oh and T too.
T and RS took Bella the mighty duck dog hunting last night. They got 4 ducks for Irene...Bella couldn't be bothered to even glance at them. Then she hid in the grass from the rain only 3 feet from T, but wouldn't come..and to top if off refused to walk back to the truck, T had to carry her back! She needs some training and she's only 13 weeks old.

T has some appts in ANC and I'm going with him, little princess Manderzz was NOT pleased, her parents going to ANC yet AGAIN and she who "NEVER has ISSUES" NEVER gets to the drama of a puppy taking all the attention she USED to get....she's almost 12, I guess the drama is par for the course?? LOL...I thought, why not? It'd be fun to bring the kids. The silly boys can't be bothered, Jr. is looking forward to a lot of OT at the hotel, Dills just can't be bothered, he really can't stand shopping, waiting around for appointments to be done and hotels are even boring to him (Not me...I like hotels!) I told Manderzz she could come....OOPS should've looked seats! I was stressing out for a day, not wanting to tell her, then not wanting to go myself...I remembered the special number that we can call to get seats when it's a time that the seafood industry is moving people and seats are not to be found looking online.
I was a very distraught mommy....not even an act, but a polite distraught mommy...the very professional, fast, smart and helpful agent got her a seat -- on the 21st, not the 23rd like T and I were originally scheduled to leave but that's good enough, she also changed my outbound WITHOUT A FEE --that's awesome and doesn't happen very often --no way that a 11 year old can fly alone in the winter! 1) She'd be scared, sometimes the other passengers can look a bit frightening --I have never personally witnessed arrests upon arrival in ANC, but I do know it's happened. 2) There can be drunk people -- yuck! 3) the flights make stop(s) usually in the winter and 4) the weather is sucky, usually making for a bumpy ride.
We're used to all of this, but it's just easier when a parent is there with you, when you're a kid.

Today is the car, hotel, tickets to the Nutcracker (I hope!) and making desserts for our early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. After dinner we're going to play games with AG's family! I miss playing games!! They played last week when I was at the school board training and Manderzz beat everyone, she's ready to play again!
K, off to buy more Spanish peanuts as I burnt the first ones,I can't make peanut clusters with over-cooked peanuts (thanks for the recipe Martha!)

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  1. The picture of Manderzz and bella is so cute. Bella is growing fast. Hee Hee Bella is a mighty duck hunter. I can just see Capt. T toting her back to the truck.
    Good job getting a flight glad Manderzz doesn't have to fly alone just I don't blame you I wouldn't want Manderzz to fly alone either. you all will have a good time with Manderzz in ANC. Wow early Thanksgiving I need to order mine from the local deli next week. I hope you get good tickets. I have always enjoyed watching the Nutcracker. Good luck to Manderzz in her game playing hope she wins.