Saturday, November 21, 2009

Duck Hunting, Bake Sale and We're Out of Here Today --We Hope!

I didn't bring a camera to the 6th grade bake sale this morning (they've adopted a needy family for Christmas) but I did get Jr. Making his 'sis some cream puffs for her contribution.

Bella and T went hunting this morning!

Manderzz and I are about to head to ANC for 9 days! I was so overbooked this morning that I skipped stroke clinic (learning how to swim better) and a hair appt (REALLY bummed about that!!) I did go to the gym for 90 minutes and helped at Manderzz' bake sale at Alaska Ship Supply. Her class is really excited about helping the family they've adopted and are learning a lot about finding deals online (gotta know how to work it!) And looking for deals on practical items, plus a few fun things too.
The weather is not tooo bad out...if it holds for 3 hours we may luck out!!


  1. Aw Bella looks so cute with the duck. I like finding deals online. So nice of Manderzz class to adopt a family. The gruesome twosome are exploring their domain. I ordered a cat treehouse habitat for them from It has all sorts of shelves at different levels for them to climb on scratching posts, and sleeping boxes.
    I hope you two got out safely and will enjoy your time in ANC.