Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl Day at Our House

Yesterday Jr was at work (WED night seafodd buffet night) Someday I've got to go and get pictures, it's fancier than the brunch --well should be it costs more!? I haven't been in at least a year..
Dills was at wrestling, but Juno stayed to hang out with Manderzz....they turned 14 of Margarita's pecans into the most colorful ornaments!

I went to the completion celebration for the school's upgrade project --forgot my camera...there were a couple other bloggers there, it was a very nice ceremony! The school looks fabolous and should be much more sound, safer and fuel efficient.

I love sledding pictures!! That's very obvious --the kids are happy and outside! Plus they're very fun to scrapbook.
Worked out for almost 3 horus this morning....have 2 meetings and swimming and a trip report to get done this afternoon and evening, I feel like I'm working :)

And big decision: Jr is staying home alone!! EVERYONE please make up an excuse to drive by and make sure there aren't 2x as many cars as usual (3 trucks & a RAV) We were once left alone, 4 teens and a creature didn't survive and we're STILL in trouble! It was BAD BAD BAD....


  1. yaaaa CRAFTS!!! I see glitter most thrilled about that! Ill cross my fingers for ya on the whole teens alone thing!! Sometimes they fool ya and do a good job!!

  2. I Need a Jacob Cup From Burger King BTW........LOL
    Have fun and I really hope you make it out. No planes again today!!

  3. Who is Jacob?? I guess for you I could let Manderzz have a gross fast food lunch, but she may not even do it! She knows they're EVIL!

  4. What cute a cute idea decorating the pecans. Love the Santa looks kind of pyscho there LOL. So glad the school upgrade went well. The school board here builds the schools but so often they forget about upgrading or the need to expand them and they run into problems. I like the sledding pictures Manderzz looks like she is having tons of fun. Junior will do great while you are gone CB will see to it that he behaves. Just leave tons of post it notes everywhere with insturctions for Junior to follow LOL.
    The gruesome twosome as we call them are settling in quite well. They have discovered they can run back and forth in the hall. Ms. Pretty watches them and chastises them if they get out of line. They have good appetites, litter box trained, and stay in their area. We are enjoying watching them wrestle together they are quite the tough little boys.