Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow, We're Easy to Please.

I love this hotel! They took us to the Orthodontist and picked us up...I tipped them, but that's NOTHING compared to paying for a taxi! And they just knocked on the door with a note and a yummy piece of cake --"Dear Hotel Guest: Happy Monday
Since we want you to feel at home here at Embassy Suites, we though y ou would like a home-baked treat. We hope you will enjoy a piece of home baked strawberry cake from our Pi Kitchen + Bar.
LOVE IT!! Ok off to the gym for a couple of hours before we head to the airport to pick T up. Dinner @ Outback and some movie tonight :)
Ohh and braces for Manderzz after her last molars come in. Better get Dyl's done now and her's in a year or so.


  1. Ok, So This is a marketing trick. In fact it is even definied by Sexes. If it had been a Father/Son in the Room it would have been chocolate cake or cookies.It is designed to bring Families to hotels as guests with a family in house spend about 45% more on average per person.
    Still, Take Advantage of it!!!!

  2. hahaha whatever..what am I to buy here? The restaurant is good for the free breakfast, but not for anything's all fun to us! Like I said we're easy! We can be bribed with cake!

  3. Hee Hee CD love the cake bribe I would enjoy it. Glad you had a good day hope Capt. T gets in. Manderzz gets braces sounds like fun.

  4. check out that Embassy Ambassador club too