Friday, November 06, 2009

6 Hours of Fabulous-ness

She's called the Glitter Queen with good reason...
Look, I do have a better pair of shoes with me....haven't worn them yet.....but I might :)
Rama is so cute! I didn't get enough pictures of Heather, but I'll make up for that before heading home.

The first day of the conference was good, at 5 Heder swung by, we went to The Glacier Brewhouse...Rama and the moose joined us shortly afterward. It was wonderful 2 of my favorite people and a delicious dinner too!! Heder had to leave us too soon :( I hope to see her lots more before going home!!

R is so fun, I need to update my wardrobe, I seem fine for home, but much too dull! I'll see her more than once every 5 years and pick up some pointers. Nothing tooo crazy, mostly better footware. She hates my lime green Danskos ---ohh they're soooo comfortable though and my feet do get tired with all the working out.

The kids are off for parent-teacher conferences, so the puppy is not alone. I owe Manderzz some clothing from Abercrombie for all her efforts...hope the girls can help me choose, I think I passed them 2x yesterday, I see Juno much more at home than traveling with her!!

Rama and Heather both need to come to has an insane number of miles on her AK Air account and the other is married to and AK Air employee...helloooooo....everyone wants to meet you guys! And Rama can't wait to meet AG and CB especially, maybe not at the same time.....


  1. CD love the shoes they are great. I have a very comfy old pair of tennis shoes, the kid shudders when I wear them she says they are tacky. Manderzz will need a reward for caring for Bella, I bet she enjoys it. Hee Hee kids can disappear when you travel they seem to know how to slip away quickly. I hope your pals will come visit you in Unalaska they would have fun. Enjoy your trip.

  2. YAAAAAAAAA!!! So fun seeing you !!! must do it again ASAP!!! I also must get my ass back to the gym as the chins in all these photos are bumming me out!! you were supposed to be working out for me its not helping!! ;op Next time we SHOP!!! Have a great trip home!