Sunday, November 29, 2009


The youngest kids played the piano together (like 100 years ago??)
AS found T's ginormous flashlight..
We played Apples to Apples...Juno won, if I remember correctly. I got only one card :(
Some of us wrestled.
Others arm wrestled.
AG beat both of us --duhhh.... I'm a treadmill-elliptical sort of gal. I make teens do my heavy lifting or T when he's in town!
Holy cow...we are due for a new video game to entertain us!
They were having some deep conversation about how much line is released when the reel is turned or something ridiculous like that.
We didn't invite the dads to the table.
The spread, I meant to make it all, as I'm the one that is home, but I only had time for half of it. T, Jr and Juno ended up making a couple items each --THANKS GUYS! I was not doing well at about 3pm.
I am going to move on to cookies and more kinds of fudge :) OK maybe after cookies and cream bark (white bark with Oreos --yum!

Our actual Thanksgiving was mellow...we didn't want to crash anyone's dinner here, so sort of snuck to a not-too-fancy restaurant. Ughhh I've been sick ever since! (Or maybe it was the coffee at 5am on an empty stomach on Friday morning)
BUT we had a delicious and fun Thanksgiving with all of our kids and our buddies AG and family (minus MS...we all hope Dyls and MS be OK with being in the same space soon --someday! LMAO...teens!)
I hear it's deep fried turkey @ their house on Christmas and a New Year's Eve party at ours.

T bought some new game (the one that if you buy the REALLY fancy version like Jr's grandmother pre-ordered for him comes with real night-vision goggles!) I'm sure some Modern Warfare 2 parties will be happening this month too. The boat is in town and I HOPE we're done traveling for awhile!!!


  1. Cd what a yummy spread everything looks good. we had a quiet Thanksgiving here enjoyed a deli ham dinner with all the trimmings. We put the kittens new cat tree habitat together and watched them enjoy their nine levels of fun. They enjoy leaping from one level to another each one getting higher until they reach the top. We spent the day eating and watching their antics.