Thursday, November 05, 2009

AASB Conference!

We had a tough time getting out of Unalaska, our 1pm flight was canceled, we were rebooked for 5:30. It made it. It was SOOO windy leaving I was terrified even with a "flying pill". I was able to calm down and sleep for about 2 hours...just in time to wake up for the horrible turbulance before we landed in Anchorage. I love to travel...just sometimes it scares me!
Keith from the Wizard and maybe some of his crew --dudes in Wizard jackets? were on the flight and Phil was at the airport too. We ignored them all! We were more fascinted about the new wacky earrings chef Jeff was sporting and saying hi to jr. (chef Jack came home after vacation)  and noticing that Juno and I chose eerily similar hats, gloves, scarves and jackets...we'll get a picture, it's scary!

I ordered was cream with a few potatoes and a dollop of sour cream! Not light at all.

Our lovely student reps Juno and BH

JC the superintendant is hiding and Dan the Library man is shown too.

 Ummm yum!! I want to be 16 or 17 again I had ice tea.

Taking a bit of advice from CB, I actually unpacked and didn't leave my stuff strewn all over the room, I never thought about that until I heard about that from the other point of view!

I don't have the awesome Halloween pictures from AG's house darn it! So when I get home I'll post those. Must get to bed I HAVE to swim and ride a bike before the indoor tri-athelon is getting close to being done and I'm just half done!


  1. If CD was scared leaving Dutch with the wind, then 90% of the population would have been screaming I am sure!!


  2. hahah...I'm s big wimp! Juno said she squealed once. Everyone around me just got very quiet and held on! The flight that left 30 min before us stopped in Sand Point and had 2 more bumpy awful times than we did and arrived AFTER us... it's always an adventure, huhy?

  3. Hey gonna be anchorage this afternoon!! call me on my cell 399-8739 lets at least try and grab a coffee or SOMETHING real quick!! Dinner a quick cocktail at the hotel SOMETHING!!!

  4. CD you poor thing how horrid. I am glad you had a pill to help you. I hate turbulence when flying makes me nervous when the plane starts bouncing around. It is not good for," peace of mind," at all. Glad you were able to get out to your conference. Juno shares your good taste in hats then. The soup sounds very heavy not what you want after that flight. Good luck with your indoor triathelon mine includes this equipment called a vaccum UGH LOL.

  5. omg AKGLITTER QUEEEN what can we do? where can you go?!!!!!?>????!?!?!? sooooooooooooo excited