Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mellow Day in Anchorage!

Heder and Steve 2 of my favorite people ever!!
We needed a t-shirt for working out!
Manderzz at the movie.
We DO need a place to eat yummy food while watching a movie...someone needs to do that in the bottom of the Intersea Mall!!!

We made it!!! The weather was up & down all day....not good at all when we were driving to the airport, but cleared enough that at about an hour past our original time of departure 3 flights landed! We were on the 2nd one....although the 3rd beat us here. We got in pretty late last night, after picking up some people in Cold what a full flight, glad we got off the ground that 2nd time!
This has been one of the quietest days I've ever had in Anchorage. It was close to 10 before we got settled into our GORGEOUS wonderful suite at the Embassy Suites hotel. They gave us free Internet, which should be $9.95 PER DAY (not a fee that I care for one bit!) and a basket with some goodies and a free pay per view movie...I love this place! Manderzz was a little hungry, we were able to order appetizers in the lounge/restaurant downstairs. She got hot wings (Go figure, if no chicken strips she goes for wings!) I ordered the cutest, yummiest appetizer. I have to get them again to show Jr a picture! It was like sushi tacos with ahi and cabbage and I think terrikai sauce. Really fun!
The pool looks great, hot tub too. I worked out this morning for 2 hours and the cardio machines all have TVs built in...there is nothing on at 7am on Sunday morning, so it didn't matter, but the machines were very nice! The breakfast was free and had omelets cooked to order, biscuits and gravy and all the crab, shrimp or smoked salmon, but the price is right!
We had purchased tickets to the 10:45am Sunday showing of New Moon, thinking it'd be quiet -HA it was packed, we ended up sitting in the 2nd row! I did enjoy the movie and will be listening to the books. I thought I couldn't stand Edward...I think I'm on "team Edward" now, Sorry CB!

H & S picked us up, we wandered around the Sears Mall killing time before the Bear Tooth Theater opened for the movie we wanted to see! It's so fun there. I can't stop ordering gyro pizza to move on to anything else! I have the 2nd half to eat later tonight fter a lot of cardio of course. The play 2nd run movies, this afternoon it was Julie and Julia. I listened to the book. It sort of followed the book, with a bunch of extra "Julia" thrown in.
Tonight...swimming, Manderzz is going to try to help me figure out the arms for free style as I missed class yesterday and again to the cardio machines...lots of books and magazines to read!
T is scheduled to leave Unalaska at 1pm tomorrow, we'll go to the airport to meet him after a long lazy morning of cardio, pool, hot tub and fancy buffet :)


  1. love the bear tooth too! always a packed house there. welcome to anchorage...have fun!

  2. Wow Cd sounds like you are having a great time. I enjoy embassy Suite Hotels they are great. I am so glad you had a great appetizers can't wait to hear how Junior makes them they sound yummy. Manderzz is like me I like hot wings too. The movies sound like fun. Julie and Julia is a good one. I liked the book a bunch. Enjoy your lazy day while waiting for Capt. T to arrive. Have fun.